Friday, February 14, 2014

My Bloody Valentine

Welcome to 
my little corner of
Holly's Horrorland

Please keep your vampire safe because...

....I'll be offering helpful hints and tips
for making your own
Vampire Killing Kit.

Like this one.

I was originally inspired by
this post on
and have been adding bits and pieces
over the past two years.

So far, mine looks like this.

For details on how I aged  and patinated 
the wooden box, go here. 

When it's all complete
it's for my lovely Hubby
and will live in his 
Steampunk Study.

Contents are all important.

I'm slowly gathering the goodies.
Tiny candles. A valuable note book.
A wooden cross. Little phials full of eldritch potions.

A bible, of course.

I couldn't find an old one.
(Not one I could afford, anyway.)

So I took a Dollar Tree one in white plastic,
sprayed the edges of the pages 
with gold spray paint.

I painted the leather effect cover in black.
Painted it and sanded it, and painted it again, and sanded it
until it looks and feels like real leather.

Instant Victorian bible.

I needed a notebook.
This one comes from Dr Polidori's library, as it says.

He was a hunk, 
was Dr Polidori.

I bought a $1 hard backed notebook,
glued on a plastic frame,
 painted said book and the detail in the frame
and added the Ex Libris plaque.

Inside, I aged it with tea 
and the occasional mysterious stain,
and added script and sketches.

There's a lot of Vampire Killing Kits out there.
But I hadn't seen one with an altar.

This is a Christmas decoration, 
with a Victorian Sacred Heart print

Glued to the inside of the lid
the box now opens to look like a miniature altar.
I just need something to hold the tiny candles
on either side.

As a fancy touch
I added a brass stamping
of cupids and garlands.

Maybe it's a
Lady's Vampire Killing Kit.?

It's been a lot of fun assembling this,
and I'm not alone.

Vampire Killing Kits
are practically a cottage industry out there.

If you've made one
or are thinking of making one,
I'd love to see!

Thank you for visiting.


  1. That's impressive. Really impressive. I'd suggest between Dolls, Killing Vampires, and building Steampunk chambers you're part Storybook yourself. I assume you'll get the stakes blessed? Just in case you need the kit?

    1. You are sweet, Mr N! Thank you! I need the stakes blessed? I didn't know that. Does it matter by which faith? I have Holy Water, if that helps?

  2. Wow, that is great work! I love all the details! I want to make/ find one of my own one day, but I really don't know how I will explain it's just for show when the vampires come over. I think they might be quite cross!

    1. Make one! I bet you'd make a wonderful kit. And it might make a vampire guest behave nicely...

  3. Love it! How about making a mini candle holder out of paperclay???

    1. I think that's the way to go. I've been trying to find tiny bottles I could put the candles in, but them I still have to work out a way to attach them to the lid. So, clay it is.

  4. So cool! I have always wanted to make one! Thanks for inspiring me! Your hubby is going to love it!
    You know your upside down jar creation. Well, I am doing one for my rabbit and her magical key ;o)
    Big Vampire Kiss ;o)
    Happy Valentine's Day ;o)

    1. I hope you do make one, maybe with a wild crow painting in the lid? And oh! Yes! A bunny in a cloche? What a fab idea! There'll be pictures, yes?

  5. I'm lovin' this soiree! Your vampire slaying kit is fabulous and nice work on converting that bible. Your husband is one lucky fella! :)

    1. Thank you! I don't know about him being lucky. He's very patient, I know that. I've been working on this for years and it' still not done...

  6. A few years ago there was a vampire killing kit offered by an eBay seller in Romania. Although it probably wasn't an antique as advertised, it was really creepy looking - I wanted that kit so bad! Went for well over $1000 though. But now I know I can make my own for much less! :o)

    1. There are some really cool kits out there (there's even an edible one...) and the best ones gain their authenticity from using genuine 19th century items. Hence the price tag. If you do a search, there's all kinds of examples and tutorials. You just need a box to start and off you go. Best of all, you can add anything you want that fits in with your own personal view of vampires.

  7. This is a fabulous project...amazed at the transformation of the white bible cover!!! :D XXX

    1. Thank you! It's been slow progress, because I want to get it right and I have to wait for the correct pieces. The bible turned out better than I hoped; the nasty white plastic looks like old battered leather now it's painted.

  8. Make sure you submit this to Propnomicon. The Victorian embellishments make it really stand out among a lot of grim kits.

    1. Thank you so much. And thank you for the suggestion about Propnomicon! I think I will do that as soon as the kit is complete, I feel a bit shy about drawing attention to it before it's all done. Then I hope to have all the tutorial bits up, for people who fancy making one of their own.

  9. I love your slayer kit, very creative!

    1. Thank you! One must always be prepared!

  10. Rhissanna! I didn't realise you had another blog.

    I am in awe of this kit, it's superb!

    Have a lovely day :)

    1. Hi there! Yes, the steampunk blog is to chronicle the building of Hubby's victorian-style study. I've almost finished it, so posts are few and far between, and mostly in the winter months, as it's a wintery kind of project. I'm glad you like his kit!

  11. Vampires beware! I love that cross, by the way. Sweet!

    1. Thank you! And the cross is a cheapy from a certain craft emporium I no longer patronise. You know the one. I''m still looking for a Nun's crucifix, with silver and ebony, roses and skulls and such, all the symbolism to scare the living daylights (heh!) out of a vampire.

  12. Truly must make one! I have the skull candle holders already. Just amazing and perfect for a steampunk den! Yes! You will need a His & Hers! kit *****

    1. Skull candle holders? Perfect! You'll share when it's done? Oh, and I never considered his'n'hers kits; what a splendid idea!

  13. Looks great. I think everyone should own a vampire kit.

    1. There does seem to be an upsurge in killing kits. Maybe something's going on and we should be prepared? :)

  14. Oh my goodness, the vampire killing kit, that is amazing! Back in my Buffy days when I was younger I kept a trunk full of holy water, garlic, crucifixes, hand-widdled stakes. Those days are gone but I think a kit may be in my future ;)

    1. Yes, yes, make one! You have half the stuff already! I'm just about to go back to watching 'Buffy'. It's research, for my kit, honest!

  15. Holy carp - Polidori was SMOKIN' HAWT!


    Wonderfully done, madam. And though I know this isn't a recent post, it's serendipitous that I'm reading it now; I've recently gotten back into tarot and have been working with the Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place. Seeing the vamp kill kit made me think of his rendering of the 8 of Cups (or, in this deck, the VIII of Holy Water), where numerous tools are available for a task but some will work better than others, and perhaps more than one will be required (not a traditional interpretation of the 8 of Cups, but I can see how it fits, in a way).

    1. How fascinating! I'll have to see if I can find the Vampire Tarot on-line. Tucking a tarot card into the box sounds like an intriguing idea, too.

      Yes, Polidori was a stunner, even when put against his old pal, Lord Byron.

      And thank you! The Vampire Killing Kit has become a huge and possibly endless project, where I keep finding new things to add. I have a real silver bullet, now, which I'm delighted with and will slip into a test tube. (Yes. Yes I know. Werewolves. But as the horror genre assumes one always goes with the other, better to be safe than sorry. Or dead.)

  16. I make Vampire kits, if you are interested ill send some pics


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