Saturday, February 8, 2014

Invention of love

Invention of Love 

A  Steampunk love story
and a cautionary tale.


  1. I love the styling, it reminds me of Jasper Morello! As a kid I remember finding a few picture books with silhouette or cut paper illustrations and loving the look of them! There was a particular one I borrowed from the library with the illustrations made completely of many different layers of coloured paper cut outs! It must have taken a year to make!

  2. Oh! Jasper Morello? I'll have to have a look for that! Thank you!

    I've always liked silhouette illustrations. My favourite was Jan Pieńkowski. Always wished I could draw like that.

  3. I've been making steampunk keys and my friends are clamoring for them.

  4. I'm pretty sure my heart just broke a little. She should have married the horse. ;-(

    1. Or, you know, not married at all. It's a tale that turns out sweet and ends up deeply cynical. As for marrying a horse, wasn't there an episode of Jerry Springer that was going to interview the man who wanted to marry his horse, and it was never shown?

  5. This is so sad, but so beautifully made! Makes you think!


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