Friday, February 14, 2014

My Bloody Valentine

Welcome to 
my little corner of
Holly's Horrorland

Please keep your vampire safe because...

....I'll be offering helpful hints and tips
for making your own
Vampire Killing Kit.

Like this one.

I was originally inspired by
this post on
and have been adding bits and pieces
over the past two years.

So far, mine looks like this.

For details on how I aged  and patinated 
the wooden box, go here. 

When it's all complete
it's for my lovely Hubby
and will live in his 
Steampunk Study.

Contents are all important.

I'm slowly gathering the goodies.
Tiny candles. A valuable note book.
A wooden cross. Little phials full of eldritch potions.

A bible, of course.

I couldn't find an old one.
(Not one I could afford, anyway.)

So I took a Dollar Tree one in white plastic,
sprayed the edges of the pages 
with gold spray paint.

I painted the leather effect cover in black.
Painted it and sanded it, and painted it again, and sanded it
until it looks and feels like real leather.

Instant Victorian bible.

I needed a notebook.
This one comes from Dr Polidori's library, as it says.

He was a hunk, 
was Dr Polidori.

I bought a $1 hard backed notebook,
glued on a plastic frame,
 painted said book and the detail in the frame
and added the Ex Libris plaque.

Inside, I aged it with tea 
and the occasional mysterious stain,
and added script and sketches.

There's a lot of Vampire Killing Kits out there.
But I hadn't seen one with an altar.

This is a Christmas decoration, 
with a Victorian Sacred Heart print

Glued to the inside of the lid
the box now opens to look like a miniature altar.
I just need something to hold the tiny candles
on either side.

As a fancy touch
I added a brass stamping
of cupids and garlands.

Maybe it's a
Lady's Vampire Killing Kit.?

It's been a lot of fun assembling this,
and I'm not alone.

Vampire Killing Kits
are practically a cottage industry out there.

If you've made one
or are thinking of making one,
I'd love to see!

Thank you for visiting.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Invention of love

Invention of Love 

A  Steampunk love story
and a cautionary tale.