Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steampunk on Sunday: The Maker

You  may have already seen this.
If so, this is a chance to enjoy it again.

If you haven't seen this,
go and watch.

The set is beautiful,
the characters are meaningful
and the story isn't what you think.

When you get to the end,
you'll want to take another look
at the beginning.

The evocative music,
is free to download,
which is a very generous thing
for him to offer.

The amazing rabbits,
which are what drew me to the 
animation in the first place,
are by the wonderful

Her poignant, characterful creations
are just perfect for this 
cosily claustrophobic Steampunk setting.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steampunk on Sunday: The Narrator's Study

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time, if you were a writer
there weren't many ways you could share your work
unless you were in print.

The magnificent rise of the
changed all that.
Now we can write what we want.
We can share it, we can sell it
we can print it.
We can all write on the Web.

This is known as a writing spider.
I found her in my garden.
Writing spider on the web.

And in this great endeavour,
we're not alone.
People come and read our blogs.
Like you, right now.

And we can write cooperatively.
 Share worlds. Build narratives.
Play with others and have adventures.

I've found a blog that does just that.

Enter the Study

is a writing blog
that allows everyone to join in
and write collaboratively with others
 to create an adventure in
continuous text.

All contributions are moderated
and then posted seamlessly
into the story, and the
contributor given credit
in the body of the narrative.

If you're a role player, especially 
an on-line role player,
you'll be familiar with this kind of thing.

If you've ever enjoyed creative writing
this is just your kind of thing.

 Rules are set up at the beginning
of each tale
to give everyone a basic structure,
and the tales follow familiar genres
so anyone who reads fiction
will know something
about the world they're writing in.

Like, you know:-
Dark Fantasy
More fantasy
Space Opera

This months featured 
writing adventure?

Come along and join in 
the escapades of 
Captain Finn aboard the

The Blog has a mature warning
when you enter.

there's nothing on there spicier than
your Granny's romantic fiction.
(And you know Granny is reading 
50 Shades, right?)

If you just want to write a tale of your own
you can offer it to
The Narrator's Library.

You can write stand-alone pieces;
or start your own story
in your own world,
and have others join in.