Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pickled Fairies.

Halloween is coming,
and it's time to gather
 those dew-fresh fairies

and doom them to a life
under glass.

The choice is yours.

It's for the best.
They bite.

Of course,
no fairies were hurt
in the creation
 of these specimens.

They've been dead for years.

For a tutorial
on making  your own
 in jars,
follow the link.

If you make one, 
let me know.
I'd love to see.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lucy's Garland

Dracula        Bram Stoker 

I'm reading 
(as in re-reading)
this time out loud
to Hubby.

I wish my book cover was this smexy

On a rainy afternoon it is idyllic 
to read something aloud
to someone special,
and I can thoroughly recommend it.

What I learned from this read-through
is that everyone has it wrong 
about vampires and garlic.

Wiki medieval garlic

Van Helsing has to send to
The Netherlands
for the garlic
and he's very specific 
about what he needs.

He needs garlic flowers.

Wiki photo
Not bulbs, not cloves, not seeds.

It's the flowers that adorn
poor Lucy Westenra
and they work very well
until she tears them away
in her blood-filled passion.

Armed with the knowledge 
that every well-informed vampire hunter
needs a garland of garlic blooms,
I made a garlic flower wreath 
for the Steampunk Study.

I have stands of the stuff
growing in my garden.
So the whole thing cost me
about $1.50

Close-up of my faded garlic blooms. They last a long time.
Yes, I realise these are technically
dead flower heads
but I don't have Van Helsing's advantage
of a freight train from Rotterdam
passing by my house,
bringing the fresh stuff.

This is a wiki photo in case you don't know what garlic looks like.
(Please toggle your irony button to the 'on' position.)

You need a simple  white willow wreath 
as white willow is the same colour 
as the garlic heads
and it will magically disappear.

You'll need hot glue

And you need 
lots and lots 
of clean ,dried  flower heads

I had two dozen
and could have squeezed in a few more.

Try the flower head on the wreath
to see how they'll fit.

Glue them on.


By the way, this isn't the
Steampunk Study's mantelpiece
specially dressed up
 for Halloween.

It always looks like this.