Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Steampunk Blog Linky Party

There's a new
going over over at the wonderful
Steam Ingenious.

Hop on over and say
good afternoon
Violet von Mickelsburg .

Tutorial.Steampunk Surveillance Arthropod

Steampunk Surveillance Arthropod 
Bug Bug.

You may remember this from last year.

It's the reason I bought a gross

Yes, I still have about 120 left...

This is a tutorial
presented as a gonfalone
for Pinterest.

it's not really
big enough
to read.

So not much use as a tutorial...

The original is here

It's bigger.
And, therefore, 

I'm hoping the
Dollar Tree
gets some more of
 these clockwork insects. 
I'd like to build a display case
with lots of different ones.