Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick And Treat

Just a quickie.

You may remember my post last year 
about the edible Vampire Killing Kit?

The same artist and confectioner 
has opened shop again
for Halloween.

is a Chocolate Shop of Horrors,
 perfect for All Hallow's Eve. 

Or, for added realism, as a gummy?

Cthulhu not your thing?

(See the pun? )
It's delicately flavoured in blood orange.

Want to commune with the Green Fairy?


There are items that are more traditional,

Masterpieces of anatomical design
all in chocolate.

Speaking of anatomical design,
you could always give your beloved



This evil laugh thing is hard on the throat.


  1. I always wanted a green chocolate Cthulhu or even a absinthe flavored skull lollipop. Green is my favourite colour next to purple:) That chocolate heart is very cool.

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann! I think the heart is new for this year. Maybe it'll get re-released for Valentine's day? *looks hopeful*

  2. I love all of their stuff! One day, I would like to be able to give the lollipops to guests as party favours. But they are a bit above budget at the moment!

    1. They're pretty special, aren't they? It's about time there were more grown up candies for trick or treat! Thank you for popping over!

  3. ...must have a Vlad!!!!!
    thanks for sharing about this!!!

    1. My pleasure! I do like the look of the Vlad, I must admit!

  4. Yes to all! Okay, some are actually a little too icky. I'd dearly love that chocolate cthullu though!

    Actually, he'd make a great statue for a study, don't know if I'd want to eat him, all those details.

    SO, if you start at the ears or toes on chocolate bunnies, do you go by tentacle here?

    1. I think you have to sacrifice all your gummi-bears to him first.


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