Sunday, October 28, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Miss Havisham's Roses.

I have kept every single rose 
Hubby has bought me
over the past eight years.

Not made from coffee filters
I am reluctant to throw them away;
 I'm an old-fashioned girl
about being given flowers.

So, when they fade or droop,
I gather the roses together and 
hang them upside-down, 
letting them dry.

Some dry beautifully,
 papery blooms that smell
faintly of musky sweetness.
Some fall apart.

Red and white roses, blue sea holly

Yes, I hear you say.
All very romantic
and frankly,
a bit creepy.

Miss Havisham

Well, yes.
A bit.

So, I decided to make something
 with the best of them.
and throw the rest away.

So, for
Hubby's Steampunk Study
I made a garland of roses,
blending with it
some sea holly I'd bought
for my wedding.

Sea holly is a symbol of fidelity,
as in this betrothal portrait.

I made the garland the simplest way possible.
A thin grapevine wreath
from the Dollar Tree and hot glue.
It used up most of the roses 
and looks suitably Victorian.

However, it's a absolute cow
to photograph.
So, you'll just have to see details.


  1. Looks beautiful! I kept most of my roses as petals. Maybe next time I should try drying them upside down, they seem to turn out well!

    1. Thank you! The method works fine if the flower is nice and secure on its base, even if the rose itself has gone a bit limp and floppy. Red ones go dark and mysterious, white ones turn a lovely tea-stained colour.

  2. Oh what a wonderful romantic thing to do and the garland has come out beautifully.

    I have a bunch of dried roses that I keep in my kitchen. I love them. :-)

    1. Thank you so much! Hubby loves it and it's going up soon in his Steampunk study, after I've enjoyed it as a romantic Halloween decoration! I'm glad I waited until I had a big stock of roses before I did it; the garland took all the roses I had before it looked plump and full.

      I understand absolutely having them in the kitchen to look at. Even dried, they're such beautiful evocative flowers.

  3. So beautiful. I love the sea holly. It really adds the perfect touch. I must dry some of our roses and give it a try.

    I do save rose petals and keep them as fillers for potpourri. I once made beads out of rose petals. I had read about them somewhere and gave it a try. I had interesting results but they rose smell didn't linger very long.

    1. I've always wanted to try making the rose petal beads, but I was never sure how. (I suppose, with the internet, there's no real excuse for not making them!. Most of the roses that didn't make it to the garland I put into my pot pourri. The roses dry ok as long as they're upside down. Some end up bent, but I've never had any decay, or go mouldy.

      The sea holly is lovely, but I had such a job getting it here in Arkansas. I had to order it specially for my budget wedding (one piece of it cost more than my dress!) and I felt so guilty about the cost. A whole $15.00 for one spray of it. But I still have it and it's almost a blue as when it was fresh.

      Maybe I should grow it?


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