Thursday, August 9, 2012

Use your Head

Today is our Wedding Anniversary.
Seven years, Baby!

This is the latest addition to 
Hubby's Steampunk Study.

Every Steampunk Study 
requires a human skull.

However, I couldn't afford a 
real human skull.
And good fakes are expensive.
And  cheap, plastic Halloween ones
look like
 cheap, plastic Halloween ones.

So, last Halloween,
I bought a big, shiny
glitter-covered skull
for $3.00.

I displayed it on a glass cake stand
with silk roses and paeonies
and it looked very glam.

But I always intended to 
make it look like a realistic skull
for Hubby's Steampunk study.

And here it is.
And he loves it!

I covered the glitter 
in a thin, watery layer of paperclay
and then another layer.

I sculpted the nose bone 
so that it was longer and thinner, 
with the slit up the centre and added
the bony bit in the middle.

(If you want the proper anatomical names,
you'll have to Google them.) 

I extended the teeth
 and added the cracks in the top of the head.
with more paperclay.

One it was dry, I painted it
and sanded it and painted it again 
and buffed it with an old sock.
I added shading with artist's pastels.



  1. Wow it looks fab! No wonder hubby loves it.

    1. Thank you! He told me it was one of the things he was really looking forward to seeing, which is why I wanted it finished for our anniversary.

  2. that is amazing! what a transformation! great job :)

    1. Thank you! It was a joy to paint, once I'd tamed the glitter. That stuff gets everywhere!

  3. Wow! good luck bring the darkness of Goth ... the prim frillness of Victorian/Edwardian Era to your sunny side of the planet! Awesome credo... I love the skull and the way you brought it to "life"!


    1. Heh! Thank you! It's a slow job. Anything Victorian around here is also rustic and homespun, which is lovely but doesn't fit the aesthetic of the room. But I was really pleased with the skull, it actually looked like I hoped it would.


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