Monday, August 20, 2012

I was featured!

Mr Steambike 
was featured over at
a blog that I love
and have mentioned before
as it was the first place I saw

I am thrilled to bits!
Utterly delighted!
Please, pop on over 
and take part in

While you're there,
have a look at the amazing stuff
 Megan made for her 
Halloween party last year.

It is just perfect.
And works, obviously.
Yes, I want one
And yes, she tells you how she made it.

Also, she has a recipe for
safe-to-eat -raw

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Gauging the Situation.

 Remember Mr Steambike?
(It's ok if you don't.)

Mr Steambike
is a fully functional
Steampunk clockwork toy.
He started out like this.

 A Dollar Tree special
(Guess how much he cost?)

With the addition of some goggles
 and some plastic bits and pieces 
all covered in gold paint,
he became
Mr Steambike!

He looked pretty spiffy.

But I was unhappy with the gold colour
I wanted him to look brassy.
And a little more Steampunky.


He had  a cameo role
in the
I was hoping to film him
in motion,
but Mr Steambike fell off the deck
and was slightly damaged!

Not to worry.
I finally got my hands on some
brass paint.
And I bought a gross of plastic compasses.
Yes, you read that right...
144 cheap plastic compasses.

I really wanted to try my hand at making a gauge.
One that was small and light enough
for Steampunk toys
and weapons.
 Maybe use on a 
Steampunk notebook?

Like this.

I used a clock face from
the ever wonderful
Graphics F.airy
and removed the hands
 and some of the numerals.
I added some text.
 Acme make the best stuff!

Popped the plastic compass open.
Took out the card compass rose
(which is surprisingly nicely printed 
and will get used somewhere else)
and fitted in the gauge dial.

I think next time I will cover
part of the dial, but it does fine for 
Mr Steambike.

On the other side I added a plastic gear.
Yes, yes, I know the song!
For those of you who don't
here is
Just Put Some Gears On It.

The gear looks as if it's part of the 
rear wheel drive
so I'm not at all apologetic.
I added a spring, for radio control
and sprayed most of the bike
nice and brassy.
I left some gold for contrast.
So now he's back on the bookcase
in Hubby's Study
and I'm on the lookout
for more clockwork toys  that would
suit being steamed and punked.
Help yourself to the dial, 
 if you're interested in it.
If you want something different,
There's a lot more in the 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Use your Head

Today is our Wedding Anniversary.
Seven years, Baby!

This is the latest addition to 
Hubby's Steampunk Study.

Every Steampunk Study 
requires a human skull.

However, I couldn't afford a 
real human skull.
And good fakes are expensive.
And  cheap, plastic Halloween ones
look like
 cheap, plastic Halloween ones.

So, last Halloween,
I bought a big, shiny
glitter-covered skull
for $3.00.

I displayed it on a glass cake stand
with silk roses and paeonies
and it looked very glam.

But I always intended to 
make it look like a realistic skull
for Hubby's Steampunk study.

And here it is.
And he loves it!

I covered the glitter 
in a thin, watery layer of paperclay
and then another layer.

I sculpted the nose bone 
so that it was longer and thinner, 
with the slit up the centre and added
the bony bit in the middle.

(If you want the proper anatomical names,
you'll have to Google them.) 

I extended the teeth
 and added the cracks in the top of the head.
with more paperclay.

One it was dry, I painted it
and sanded it and painted it again 
and buffed it with an old sock.
I added shading with artist's pastels.