Sunday, July 1, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Special Effects and Steampunk

One of the nicest things about Deviant Art 
is that it takes everyone under its umbrella.
Amateur footlers like me
and serious artists and artisans. 

Tim Baker is one of the latter.
Here he is pictured in front of
a wall of gears he made for  The Pawn.

A peek into his DA gallery shows 
artwork and props that have been used 
in films, TV and advertising.

Here is a huge head of Liberty

And here it in in an episode of Castle.

(You lose points if you thought this 
was the head from Cloverfield.
And yes, I'm keeping score)

All well and good, I can hear you say
but why is this remarkable artist featured on
Steampunk on Sunday?

Because of these.

Beautiful, yes? 
Look at the lenses,
the flowing lines, the little brassy joints.
Look at the colours! 
That blue with the golds and browns.

Or how about this?

What does it do?
It's a Nocturnal Dial, of course!?
 It makes the magical, 
the fantastical,
seem real and tangible, 
like the best of Steampunk artefacts.

Tim Baker's craftsmanship is clear in everything he makes
The Astrolabe Book is ornate and detailed.
It's also functional, not only as an astrolabe
but also an abacus and a quadrant.
For more detailed views of the book,
please see here and here.

For more, have a look around Tim Baker's  
(There's nothing actually deviant there, honest)
There's all kinds of good things, 
in addition to the Steampunk items.
He's also a really nice guy.


  1. oh my god!! love his work!!!!
    love Deviant Art also!!
    thanks so much for sharing this marvelous artist!! i'm going to go over and have "closer looks"!!!

    1. He seems to be able to make anything, out of anything. But the Steampunk stuff, that's something he seems to be doing for a project of his own and it's really stunning. Glad you enjoyed it, Ann. Are you on DA?

  2. Hi Rhissanna, thanks for your comment on my blog !
    I joined up here purely because I always wanted to own a Combobulator gun.
    Love all the detail in Tim's work, thanks for pointing it out ^_^

    1. I'm hoping to offer the parts for a build-it-yourself Sub-aquatic Combobulator for my Blogoversary Giveaway. Because, you're quite right. They're very useful...

  3. Oh wow his stuff looks amazing, the books look especially wonderful!

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't he talented? I think I'm really amazed by the range of media he works in. Imagine being able to carve, and weld and sew and print and cast...

  5. I love Deviant Art!!!!

    Fantastic pieces!!

    Hope your summer is going well!


    1. Oh yes. It's an amazing place and I've never had anyone be less than civil. It used to be bad for viruses but they seemed to have cleaned up their act. And it doesn't matter what level of artist you are, you're welcome.

      Do you have a DA account? I'm 'Rhissanna' there, too. I suppose I really out to put up a linky on the blog.

      Heh, Summer is going well so far. It's cool and cloudy today, which would suck in England but is a joy here in baking-hot Arkansas. Hope you're Summer is as good!

  6. I like this books steampunk


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