Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Blogoversary and 100 days to Halloween

A doubly auspicious day!
One hundred days to
and Gaslight and Gilt's

Yes, blogoversary is a clumsy word,
 but then, so is 'produce', 
and 'colonoscopy'
however valuable the concepts might be.

Today is the Blogoversary of
Gaslight and Gilt
a blog created to support and guide me
as I made Hubby a 
Steampunk, Time-travellers, Vampire, Gothic Victorian Study. 
 He now is installed in the Study
and work continues around him.

(He is thrilled with it).

To celebrate the Steaminess of this blogoversary
I'm pointing you in the direction of other travellers 
upon the Steampunk road
and drawing your attention to the probability of
that will be part of the celebrations.

If you're a fan of Steampunk Blogs, 
you may already know about EPBOT

The combination of crafts, wit and all around excellence
has made this blog a haven for steampunkers
who want to incorporate the elements into their daily lives.

This week, Jen revealed what she's been working on.

I know, right?

While making this blog
I've come across all kinds of artisans and crafters
making Steampunk artefacts.

Yer Ever Luvin' Uncle Bert

Monster Kookies' gorgeous polymer clay

This is a distinguished 
MechQwlie who has a

Seeing Things and the 

with a free print-out 
for her poisoner's bottles

Cryptocurium and the
(get this) 

There will be a lot more on
Vampire Killing Kits
closer to Halloween.

Mine is nearly finished!

Here is the first one I ever saw
on the wonderful crafty

There are many more
talented, witty, creative people
working with Steampunk

Every time I find one
I  link them here for you,
Gentle Reader.

Then, you don't need to strap on your goggles
and muster your parasol/sword cane
for intrepid travels abroad.

You can sit in the safety of your home
and find them on your screen.

You'll notice that the whole 
gloomy, Gothic Steampunk aesthetic
is more suited to Autumn 
and Halloween and Winter?

Ghost stories, smoggy London,
night journeys, monsters and villains,
cold dusk, hot tea
darkness and warm fires.
All these things will be waiting 
as the Summer turns to Autumn.

To help us be ready
and to celebrate a year of Steamed Blogging
there will be giveaways (yes, plural)
and tutorials and free Victorian images.



  1. WOOOOHOOOO!!! And Happiest of Blogoversaries to you and your marvelous Gaslight and Gilt!! And really - only 100 days to the marvelous day? could I be so remiss in my calendaring???? Thank you so for the reminder! I'll be watching (hopefully better than I have been....) Smiles & Steampunky Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Thank you, dear Miss Crow! And yes, Halloween getting closer! Aren't you excited?

      When I post up giveaways and things here, I'll come and give you a poke. *nods*

  2. Congratulations! And you have found a lot of pretties!

    1. Thank you, Isis! Oh! I see you've added a few more blogs! I'll have to go an investigate!

  3. Yay congratulations on your blogoversarie! All those links look fantastic and full of wonderful goodies to gaze over. :-)

    A 100 days to Halloween! Eeeeee does that mean I can start getting excited now?

    1. Yes! Yes! Start now! You have my permission!

      And thank you. There'll be all kinds of themed goodies between now and Halloween. Because it's coming at us like..well, like a Bat out of Hell.

      Cue the music!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey! I thought you were having a break? Oh yes, Halloween is the start of the frantic Holiday Blogging Season and I just love it. It's not such a big deal back in the UK and I don't see why not. Who doesn't like dressing up or free candy?

  5. Dang right I will be watching this space. I can't wait for your Hallowe'en crafting to begin!
    Happy Blogoversary, of course it's a proper word! And if I could, I'd make you a cake. But I can't. I suck at baking.

    1. There's no such thing as bad cake!

      Yes, I hope to have stuff up soon; probably staring with the Dead Fairy Specimen Jar. Spooky!

  6. congratulations on your blogaversary!!!!!
    ohhhh....all that eye candy!!!!!!!
    100 days? oh,my! i adore halloween!! seems that no one is put out with dark art during that time!!! i love dark and demented!!
    i shall be keeping my eye on this space..the one without the safety pin it it!!! LOL !!!

    1. Oh, yes! As soon as we get past Summer, everyone is ok with monsters, ghosts, zombies... Like you, I'm fine with that stuff all year round!

  7. Congrats on your blogaversary! Laura

    1. Thank you, Laura! I'm busy finding all my Halloweenpunk stuff to post here. I can't find my brain for my Brain in a Jar. (Seriously, I can't...)

  8. Happy Blogiversary!
    I have been clicking around and enjoying and must visit again soon. Right now I am only half way through the Mad Tea Party hop, but I was distracted. (in a good way)
    Our local Renaissance Faire had Steampunk weekend and I was not able to go. :(

    1. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to say hello during the Mad Tea Party. I'm busy running around too. Maybe we'll bump into each other and share a cup of tea?

      I'm sorry about the Steampunk weekend you couldn't go to. I'd love to attend one, too. But it's all Steampunk, all the time here.

  9. Oooh...aaah:) I can't believe it's been a year.


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