Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fonts, toys and the day job

Remember this post, about toys for your desktop?

I featured Dean Beedell's amazing designs for steampunky icons
and desktop widgets to make your  boring computer
into a difference engine of steamy goodness.

Since then Dean has added a new series of designs
 for icons using an Eric Gill font.

Aren't they smart?

These designs are stylish and elegant

The full bundle of icons is available here.

To browse through Dean's collection,
 see his Deviant Art gallery

If you like the font,
it's an Eric Gill
 and it's beautiful, but not free.
I asked Dean if there was anything similar 
and he very kindly  directed me to this,
which is free.
And gorgeous.

I used it to print on fabric and
So, thank you, Dean. 

You're an artist
and a gentleman.

Other wonderful news.

Just before Valentine's Day I wrote about 
Kimberly of Monster Kookies,
a polymer clay artist who makes 
mechanically inclined creatures

and exotic industrial hearts.

Monster Kookies was interviewed  
in the regular Etsy feature,

It's an inspiring article which shows that it really is possible
to make a living making the things you love.

Everyone who has ever considered leaving the daily grind 
to work from home and pay the bills 
while creating and crafting
should read it

Thank you, Kimberley,
for showing us it can be done.

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