Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Blogoversary and 100 days to Halloween

A doubly auspicious day!
One hundred days to
and Gaslight and Gilt's

Yes, blogoversary is a clumsy word,
 but then, so is 'produce', 
and 'colonoscopy'
however valuable the concepts might be.

Today is the Blogoversary of
Gaslight and Gilt
a blog created to support and guide me
as I made Hubby a 
Steampunk, Time-travellers, Vampire, Gothic Victorian Study. 
 He now is installed in the Study
and work continues around him.

(He is thrilled with it).

To celebrate the Steaminess of this blogoversary
I'm pointing you in the direction of other travellers 
upon the Steampunk road
and drawing your attention to the probability of
that will be part of the celebrations.

If you're a fan of Steampunk Blogs, 
you may already know about EPBOT

The combination of crafts, wit and all around excellence
has made this blog a haven for steampunkers
who want to incorporate the elements into their daily lives.

This week, Jen revealed what she's been working on.

I know, right?

While making this blog
I've come across all kinds of artisans and crafters
making Steampunk artefacts.

Yer Ever Luvin' Uncle Bert

Monster Kookies' gorgeous polymer clay

This is a distinguished 
MechQwlie who has a

Seeing Things and the 

with a free print-out 
for her poisoner's bottles

Cryptocurium and the
(get this) 

There will be a lot more on
Vampire Killing Kits
closer to Halloween.

Mine is nearly finished!

Here is the first one I ever saw
on the wonderful crafty

There are many more
talented, witty, creative people
working with Steampunk

Every time I find one
I  link them here for you,
Gentle Reader.

Then, you don't need to strap on your goggles
and muster your parasol/sword cane
for intrepid travels abroad.

You can sit in the safety of your home
and find them on your screen.

You'll notice that the whole 
gloomy, Gothic Steampunk aesthetic
is more suited to Autumn 
and Halloween and Winter?

Ghost stories, smoggy London,
night journeys, monsters and villains,
cold dusk, hot tea
darkness and warm fires.
All these things will be waiting 
as the Summer turns to Autumn.

To help us be ready
and to celebrate a year of Steamed Blogging
there will be giveaways (yes, plural)
and tutorials and free Victorian images.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fonts, toys and the day job

Remember this post, about toys for your desktop?

I featured Dean Beedell's amazing designs for steampunky icons
and desktop widgets to make your  boring computer
into a difference engine of steamy goodness.

Since then Dean has added a new series of designs
 for icons using an Eric Gill font.

Aren't they smart?

These designs are stylish and elegant

The full bundle of icons is available here.

To browse through Dean's collection,
 see his Deviant Art gallery

If you like the font,
it's an Eric Gill
 and it's beautiful, but not free.
I asked Dean if there was anything similar 
and he very kindly  directed me to this,
which is free.
And gorgeous.

I used it to print on fabric and
So, thank you, Dean. 

You're an artist
and a gentleman.

Other wonderful news.

Just before Valentine's Day I wrote about 
Kimberly of Monster Kookies,
a polymer clay artist who makes 
mechanically inclined creatures

and exotic industrial hearts.

Monster Kookies was interviewed  
in the regular Etsy feature,

It's an inspiring article which shows that it really is possible
to make a living making the things you love.

Everyone who has ever considered leaving the daily grind 
to work from home and pay the bills 
while creating and crafting
should read it

Thank you, Kimberley,
for showing us it can be done.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Special Effects and Steampunk

One of the nicest things about Deviant Art 
is that it takes everyone under its umbrella.
Amateur footlers like me
and serious artists and artisans. 

Tim Baker is one of the latter.
Here he is pictured in front of
a wall of gears he made for  The Pawn.

A peek into his DA gallery shows 
artwork and props that have been used 
in films, TV and advertising.

Here is a huge head of Liberty

And here it in in an episode of Castle.

(You lose points if you thought this 
was the head from Cloverfield.
And yes, I'm keeping score)

All well and good, I can hear you say
but why is this remarkable artist featured on
Steampunk on Sunday?

Because of these.

Beautiful, yes? 
Look at the lenses,
the flowing lines, the little brassy joints.
Look at the colours! 
That blue with the golds and browns.

Or how about this?

What does it do?
It's a Nocturnal Dial, of course!?
 It makes the magical, 
the fantastical,
seem real and tangible, 
like the best of Steampunk artefacts.

Tim Baker's craftsmanship is clear in everything he makes
The Astrolabe Book is ornate and detailed.
It's also functional, not only as an astrolabe
but also an abacus and a quadrant.
For more detailed views of the book,
please see here and here.

For more, have a look around Tim Baker's  
(There's nothing actually deviant there, honest)
There's all kinds of good things, 
in addition to the Steampunk items.
He's also a really nice guy.