Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where there's muck, there's brass.

As they say in Yorkshire. 
I've cleared out all the muck from the Steampunk Study 
and now I'm adding the brass.

See these?
Ugly bi-fold doors.

I bought a pair of big brass vintage corners from Etsy,
and now I have a 
Mysterious Brass-bound Portal.

Clearly, it leads to somewhere exciting and forbidden and dangerous... fact, it holds most of Hubby's spectacular Star Wars collection.
Now I just need to add some aged brass bolts.

I bought this  wall lamp in England at a car boot sale for two quid.
(about three dollars?
 And someone really needs to start a
car boot sale over here in the USA. )

It defies the camera.
After two years I've still not been able to take an
adequate picture of it.
But it's gorgeous.
It'll have candles in, as I've had no luck
finding light bulbs with a bayonet fitting
here in the USA.
But candles are fine with me.
They take ten years off you, ladies.
Better than botox.

No! You may not have this to paint it white!


  1. Imagine not painting something white! May the force be with you! : )

    1. I know! And I quite agree with your post about painted furniture. If it's genuinely old, with a patina, once you slap chalk paint on it, that patina is gone. For always. When I see some lovely piece that's been covered in thick pale paint and then (oh irony!) 'distressed' I just want to weep. If it's an 1980's repro, then fine, it had it coming! Pastel paint and distressing is the salvation of mock-Victorian country furniture. But if it's 1880's? Dear me, no.

      Hugs and yes, the Force will be with you. Always...

      (cue the music)


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