Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Terry Gilliam

Ladies and gentlemen.
before we move onto today's 
Steampunk on Sunday
I'd like to take this opportunity to mention
presently running on my other blog.
You are very welcome to throw your hat into the ring, 
risk the fates and win some stuff.
Yes, indeed.

Terry Gilliam introduced ephemeral images
of the Victorian age
to modern telly 
with his cruelly witty animations.
His flying naked women, 
his figures doomed to terrible fates 
in hand-cranked machines,

Oh. You're thinking of the man who directed 
the utterly brilliant Twelve Monkeys?
The man who made Brazil 
(my favourite film.
Just don't watch the 
'Love Conquers All' version. 
It's stinky)
Patsy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Same person.

Watch this!

 Still not convinced?
How about Conrad Poohs & his Dancing Teeth
(which seem to be performing to a steam organ).
That's Steampunk, right?


  1. That dancing teeth video made me almost spit out my coffee laughing!Have you seen children of the lost city? That's a pretty good one. Delicatessen is kind of disturbing. I don't know who made them but they are a couple in that genre. (I think!)

    1. I love City of Lost Children and Delicatessen! And Amelie, too. It's nice to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet used the same actors in completely different roles in each film. A bit like Gilliam.

      And dear Flying Rabbit, anything that makes a reader spit out their coffee, that just makes my day. :))

      If you hop over to my dollmaking blog, I'm having a giveaway. There's more bunnies. There's Chinese flowering tea. There's vintage lace...


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