Monday, May 21, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: But this bottle was not marked 'poison'.

Yes, yes. I know today is Monday.

Remember the feature on
Art Bliss and the book box?
Of course you do.
Didn't you lust after the 
weeny little bottles full of bad things,
with their faded, foxed and fusty labels?

Me, too!
Well, Marilyn has posted up a print-out sheet 
 so you can make your own.
She also gives hints and tips on how to make them look good.
So, now you have no excuse for not making your own;
Alchemist's Box,
Vampire Killing Kit,
Witches Larder,
Wizard's Store,
Apothecary's Pharmacy,
Doctor's Bag

And if you don't have weeny bottles,
there's links to where you can buy some.
Thank you, Marilyn!

I'm a bottle hoarder,
 (what don't I hoard?)
so I think I'm all right for appropriate vessels.
Now I just need some corks.
And a Drink Me label...

And, in a new and exciting venture, 
I'm offering some blank labels.

Plain .png

Fancy .jpg
 Skull images courtesy of 

As you'll have to cut them out, I didn't tidy up the edges. 
These are the labels 
I'm putting on the disgusting things
Dr Crupper has collected.
the Hand of Glory,
the Brain in a Jar,
the Ectoplasm...


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    1. Oh! Merci beaucoup, Cat! I'm so glad you like them! See the others at Art Bliss.


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