Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday : Steam Tea Travels and a Nefarious Book.

 Rose and Rhissanna would like to present:-

All aboard for an exotic trip to Egypt
in our All Steampunk, All The Time
This month the intrepid ladies of the Hangar Club
are bound for Cairo.
Read about their adventures 
and collect pictures, photographs and ephemera
from their exciting adventure.

You can link up your Steampunk images,
jewellery and creations.
We welcome Victoriana,
 tea time recipes and tea paraphernalia.
Spread the word,
this is the only
Steampunk related linky we know

 Don't forget your parasol and
 if you need a fan, you can get one free, here.

Miss Possum also directed me to a wonderful tutorial
for poisoners everywhere.
 (And other people, obviously)
 Do you see this venerable tome,
 with its antique binding and a patina polished by centuries of use?

A treasure to ornament any library'


(now, here you have to imagine sinister silent film music
and the Evil Sir Jasper entering,
 one gloved hand checking the points
on his villain's moustache.
 Got that?

Inside the book is concealed a double row of tinctures and elixirs
for mayhem and wickedness!

(At this point, the silent film music turns from sinister to frantic.
 In fact, if I can find this kind of thing, I'll post it here )

Over at Art Bliss you can find the complete tutorial
for making the book and attaching the bottles inside
(so they don't rattle and give you away.)

It's the most fun thing I've seen
since the Vampire Killing Kit at Polish the Stars.
(I'm still working on it)

So, there you go. Lots of excitement today.
The Steam Tea Travels Linky  party
The sinister book tutorial
and a blast from the past
with the vampire killing kit.

Oh, and it's my Blogoversary
over at Rhissanna Dollmaker
It's about time I did a giveaway.


  1. *Over at Art Bliss you can find the complete tutorial
    for making the book and attaching the bottles inside*

    Is not there???

    1. Thank you for letting me know. Silly me, I put up the wrong link! But it's fixed now.

  2. oh boy! oh boy! :-) Always loves to find a new blog.

  3. Rhissanna thank you so much for such a beautiful feature! I absolutely love the sinister story you've built around much fun!

    1. Thank you so much. I didn't have to do much, that wonderful book box does it all. It's inspired me to finish my Vampire Killing Box. which has stalled somewhat.

  4. Are you at your desk yet, Miss Rabbit?
    I'm ready for that tea any time you are.

  5. Oh, as if I needed more projects. *sigh* But they're gorgeous and dangerous and bookwormy, so need to be tried.

    Though it makes me mildly concerned about taking tea together...

    1. *Grins and waggles eyebrows* It's not in the tea! It's in the sugar, silly!

      But yes, if you make one, I'd love to see. I've been carving the guts out of a book for months now and it will definitely get this treatment.


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