Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a spoonful of sugar...

See this? 
Do you know what this is?
Of course you do.
That's right.
It's a Vampire Killing Kit.
But that's not the full story.
Oh, no.
The bottle of Holy Water and Holy Oil?
Sugar candy.
The Bible?
 Milk Chocolate.
White chocolate garlic.
Dark chocolate Crucifix.
The stakes are milk chocolate, too.
This wonderful, magical, 
gruesome box of delights 
came from Cryptocurium.
a creator of bespoke and custom made 
candies and chocolates

Their products are seasonal
 and it's already too late for you to buy these 
wonderfully patinated

Eat them before they eat you...
However, you can still buy a 

If that's what you're into.


  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure! I was just thrilled to bits to find these! What a brilliant things you've created.

  2. This coming Halloween, i know where I'll be shopping for my nearest and dearest! LOL
    Great feature!


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