Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vampire Killing Kit

From the desk of Dr Algernon Crupper.

Every home should possess certain articles in case of emergency 
and it is a poor householder who does not ready himself
against the dealings of the Undead!
There are certain individuals 
who have the skill,
and the scholarly acumen,
 to assemble the requisites themselves.
But, for those of you  who are in a tight spot,
and need the items now,
there are professional 
Vampire Killing Kit Makers
who will equip you with the latest in
revenant disposal.

Matt Shirley is one such maker.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Giveaway

There's a GIVEAWAY on my other blog;
 if you're interested in that kind of thing.
Get cool stuff.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Terry Gilliam

Ladies and gentlemen.
before we move onto today's 
Steampunk on Sunday
I'd like to take this opportunity to mention
presently running on my other blog.
You are very welcome to throw your hat into the ring, 
risk the fates and win some stuff.
Yes, indeed.

Terry Gilliam introduced ephemeral images
of the Victorian age
to modern telly 
with his cruelly witty animations.
His flying naked women, 
his figures doomed to terrible fates 
in hand-cranked machines,

Oh. You're thinking of the man who directed 
the utterly brilliant Twelve Monkeys?
The man who made Brazil 
(my favourite film.
Just don't watch the 
'Love Conquers All' version. 
It's stinky)
Patsy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Same person.

Watch this!

 Still not convinced?
How about Conrad Poohs & his Dancing Teeth
(which seem to be performing to a steam organ).
That's Steampunk, right?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: But this bottle was not marked 'poison'.

Yes, yes. I know today is Monday.

Remember the feature on
Art Bliss and the book box?
Of course you do.
Didn't you lust after the 
weeny little bottles full of bad things,
with their faded, foxed and fusty labels?

Me, too!
Well, Marilyn has posted up a print-out sheet 
 so you can make your own.
She also gives hints and tips on how to make them look good.
So, now you have no excuse for not making your own;
Alchemist's Box,
Vampire Killing Kit,
Witches Larder,
Wizard's Store,
Apothecary's Pharmacy,
Doctor's Bag

And if you don't have weeny bottles,
there's links to where you can buy some.
Thank you, Marilyn!

I'm a bottle hoarder,
 (what don't I hoard?)
so I think I'm all right for appropriate vessels.
Now I just need some corks.
And a Drink Me label...

And, in a new and exciting venture, 
I'm offering some blank labels.

Plain .png

Fancy .jpg
 Skull images courtesy of 

As you'll have to cut them out, I didn't tidy up the edges. 
These are the labels 
I'm putting on the disgusting things
Dr Crupper has collected.
the Hand of Glory,
the Brain in a Jar,
the Ectoplasm...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where there's muck, there's brass.

As they say in Yorkshire. 
I've cleared out all the muck from the Steampunk Study 
and now I'm adding the brass.

See these?
Ugly bi-fold doors.

I bought a pair of big brass vintage corners from Etsy,
and now I have a 
Mysterious Brass-bound Portal.

Clearly, it leads to somewhere exciting and forbidden and dangerous... fact, it holds most of Hubby's spectacular Star Wars collection.
Now I just need to add some aged brass bolts.

I bought this  wall lamp in England at a car boot sale for two quid.
(about three dollars?
 And someone really needs to start a
car boot sale over here in the USA. )

It defies the camera.
After two years I've still not been able to take an
adequate picture of it.
But it's gorgeous.
It'll have candles in, as I've had no luck
finding light bulbs with a bayonet fitting
here in the USA.
But candles are fine with me.
They take ten years off you, ladies.
Better than botox.

No! You may not have this to paint it white!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Walkthrough of technique:Steamtech battle mask

Steampunk on Sunday: Faking a photo

 The best thing about Steampunk,
 without question,
 is that people make their own artefacts, 
to their own design, from things they find and alter 
and the only limitation is their technical skill.
 They don't have to worry about copyright or historical precedent.
They don't have to  please anyone but themselves.
The only discipline is authenticity.
With that in mind I offer my technique for turning 
inkjet printouts into realistic old photographs.

Lovely girl. Must be a librarian...
 I needed old photos for the Steampunk Study 
as Hubby is now in there and has had ideas of his own.

We have a huge map of the world
(modern political, but then, 
the room is frequented by a time traveller)
bought for a penny from Amazon.
It's now pinned up on the wall and 
Hubby is covering it in 'old' photos and postcards.
Now, getting the images isn't a problem. 
There's lots of you lovely people putting up vintage photographs on-line
 and I'd rather pin up a copy than damage an original.
 But my first efforts, printed off on card stock, were pretty mediocre.
I needed something that felt real, looked real.

So, here is how I make vintage photographs 
from old images and card stock. 

First, get your photographs.
Hubby wanted images of places and transport on his map
which was very convenient, as this month's
has some lovely old photographs of Egypt.

One of these photos isn't of Egypt.Can you see which one?
When you chose your pictures, make sure it's actually a photograph
 (not a black and white copy of a watercolour, for instance)
and fiddle with the colour. 
You aren't limited to black and white.
Make it sepia or a muddy shade of green or blue.
You could even make it look hand-coloured.
Add some speckles, fade some areas, give your photo a history.

 Print out your photos on cardstock on an inkjet printer
Cut the photo out. 
You can leave a border, but it's not necessary.

Now, you can ill-treat the photo. 
You can sand it with an emery board.
 You can crumple it up and smooth it out
You can fold it and sand the folds,
 as if it's been kept in someone's wallet for a long time.
You can even scorch it a little.

Then, you spray it.
 With this.

Three bucks. Dollar General.
 To be honest, I don't know how to describe this.
It says it's an enamel paint. Can you get clear enamel paint? doesn't smudge or dilute inkjet prints
and I found that out entirely by accident.
You know how you're supposed to spray lightly and evenly,
from side to side 
and build up thin coats 
in a careful and sober manner?

Well, forget all that.

See the white puddle of varnish?
 Spray and spray and spray until you can see the 'paint'
start to form opaque white patches.
It's very liberating.
The spray settles into the cardstock
thickening  and softening it slightly.
It dries to a shine, but muted and patchy in places.
You can either fix those or accept them as part of the photograph's history

Essentially, you're done. You can age the back of the photo
or add a photographer's stamp. 
You can distress it further.
You can add notes
 (pencil looks more authentic than pen on the back).
Then you just slip it into your 
Time Travellers Journal,
 or your Airship Log.

Find images at 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Steam Tea Travels to Cairo

The inimitable Wilson Keppel and Betty
(sans Betty)
doing the  famous Sand Dance 
in 1935.
 It's droll and bizarre,
innocent and delightful
and it's here just to make you smile a
and invite you to
linky party.
Bring your Steampunk,
your Victoriana
and your tea time recipes 
for everyone to share.

Proof ...

that the Victorians
had cell phones.

From Dezinaworld's 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A plea from Monster Kookies

Do any of you remember the very talented Monster Kookies 
whose Steampunk hearts and birds I featured here on

Well, if you would like a chance to win one
 and do a very good deed
Kimberley, over at
Monster Kookies
and every dollar donated
gives you one chance to win
Monster Kookie Stuff.

Remember I told you how nice she was
and the money she raised for 
tornado victims?
Well, now it's your turn to be nice and to WIN
But I'm late in getting this to you
You have to go NOW
Today is the last day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a spoonful of sugar...

See this? 
Do you know what this is?
Of course you do.
That's right.
It's a Vampire Killing Kit.
But that's not the full story.
Oh, no.
The bottle of Holy Water and Holy Oil?
Sugar candy.
The Bible?
 Milk Chocolate.
White chocolate garlic.
Dark chocolate Crucifix.
The stakes are milk chocolate, too.
This wonderful, magical, 
gruesome box of delights 
came from Cryptocurium.
a creator of bespoke and custom made 
candies and chocolates

Their products are seasonal
 and it's already too late for you to buy these 
wonderfully patinated

Eat them before they eat you...
However, you can still buy a 

If that's what you're into.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday : Steam Tea Travels and a Nefarious Book.

 Rose and Rhissanna would like to present:-

All aboard for an exotic trip to Egypt
in our All Steampunk, All The Time
This month the intrepid ladies of the Hangar Club
are bound for Cairo.
Read about their adventures 
and collect pictures, photographs and ephemera
from their exciting adventure.

You can link up your Steampunk images,
jewellery and creations.
We welcome Victoriana,
 tea time recipes and tea paraphernalia.
Spread the word,
this is the only
Steampunk related linky we know

 Don't forget your parasol and
 if you need a fan, you can get one free, here.

Miss Possum also directed me to a wonderful tutorial
for poisoners everywhere.
 (And other people, obviously)
 Do you see this venerable tome,
 with its antique binding and a patina polished by centuries of use?

A treasure to ornament any library'


(now, here you have to imagine sinister silent film music
and the Evil Sir Jasper entering,
 one gloved hand checking the points
on his villain's moustache.
 Got that?

Inside the book is concealed a double row of tinctures and elixirs
for mayhem and wickedness!

(At this point, the silent film music turns from sinister to frantic.
 In fact, if I can find this kind of thing, I'll post it here )

Over at Art Bliss you can find the complete tutorial
for making the book and attaching the bottles inside
(so they don't rattle and give you away.)

It's the most fun thing I've seen
since the Vampire Killing Kit at Polish the Stars.
(I'm still working on it)

So, there you go. Lots of excitement today.
The Steam Tea Travels Linky  party
The sinister book tutorial
and a blast from the past
with the vampire killing kit.

Oh, and it's my Blogoversary
over at Rhissanna Dollmaker
It's about time I did a giveaway.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer's Coming...

And this might be very useful  
And, even if you have the latest in cool air technology, 
it's still very decorative.

To get the file and craft your own
head on over to Plush Possum Studio 
and download it,
 with helpful hints and tips.

I'm a huge fan
 of Miss Possum's work!

(Sorry, I can never resist a pun)