Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Toys for your Difference Engine

So, you still don't have a Deviant Art account?
Shame on you.
Now, even if you don't have an account, 
it's worth going to DA and poking around.
(It's mostly not that deviant. No more deviant than Blogger)
Last week I found something really glorious
and free and steampunky. 
Here is a screenshot of my ..uh..screen

Yes, I know there's a lot of useless icons on there, but never mind those
See the wonderful Orrery? 
With a clock and a huge calendar  mounted in a bezel?
I found this on DA along with a lot of other Steampunk images.
in Dean Beedell's  amazing Gallery .

Steampunk CPU gauge Icon

He makes images to decorate your screen; 
so you can replace icons and
boring wallpaper
with lovely images featuring gauges and copper and glass.
The graphics are all crisp and inventive and, most of all,

Steampunk Zodiac Start-up Icon

 You can ditch your boring folders and thumbnails
 and put up exciting icons that 
make your screen instantly Steamed. 

Steampunk CPU/GPU thermometer

The wonderful widget works, 
it has a clock and a feature for making notes 
and I love it!
Find it, with helpful instructions, here.

It's even Earth Day appropriate, 
as you'll see when you read his

Thank you so much,. Dean Beedell
for permission for the feature 
and, if you want to make your screen less Microsoft 
and more Jules Verne,
go on over and see his wonderful stuff.

Back in January, I posted more Screen Toys,
a lovely free screensaver from Cogs
and a fancy Steampunk clock that chimes the hours
that I still might buy for Hubby's Steampunk Study.
(it's a lot cheaper than a chiming clock)


  1. Loverly stuff...I have a Deviant Art account as does my son. I keep bugging him to post some of his very strange computer generated sculptures.

    1. Bug him more! Bug him harder! My DA account is Rhissanna if you want to look me up.

  2. I really should look on Deviant Art more, I have an account, although I'm not sure I can remember my password. Hummm I shall go now and have a look.

    1. Let me know if you find anything interesting. I've always been happy with how nice and supportive everyone is and how art, at any level and of any kind, is welcome.

  3. Wow! What an art piece! Glorious!
    Thanks again for featuring more new art here which I'd never have spotted otherwise!

    1. Thank you, Miss Possum. Mr Beedell is very sweet, and tells me he's working on a web version of the Orrery. He has a rough version on his website, but he's not quite ready for a public release. I can't wait!

  4. yereverluvinunclebertJuly 3, 2012 at 3:46 AM

    Lots of lovely new icons just been created too - you can see them on rocketdock or now on pinterest - Is there a chance you could feature the new ones? They are rather pretty.

    1. I have something planned and it should be up at the weekend. And thank you for the amazing font.


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