Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well, I didn't know this, but apparently Hubby officially took up residence in  his  
19th century, Time-traveler's, Steampunk, Gothic Vampire's Study yesterday, 
which was also Bram Stoker's Centenary.

It seems Mr Stoker's one hundredth anniversary of his death
 passed without a murmur,
but it was an auspicious day for us.

Now, where can I get  a red bustle gown and a quart of cheap absinthe?


  1. I heard the tail end of an interview this morning on NPR in which the actor interviewed described Gary Oldman as one of the few actors whose portrayals of "bad guys" is genuinely charming. And is he not a stunner in his waistcoat, cutaway coat and top hat?
    Congrats on the room's basic completion, Miss Rabbit. Perfect timing, eh? Can hardly wait for the photos you'll eventually post.

    1. I think Gary Oldman is a genuine chameleon and yes, there's something creepily likeable about all his villains (except when they're swoon-worthy and start an entire fashion, like Prince Vlad and the blue shades)

      I'm 'havin' a bit of a breather' right now, part way through putting up a flat-packed bookcase. If it falls on me, remember, Je ne regrette rien!


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