Friday, April 20, 2012

Ok, so...

The walls are painted and papered. 
I still have the picture rail and the cornice (crown molding?) to put up
 but the room is useable.

Wall with no dado rail

This is the wall, with the ugly wallpaper and the nasty green paint.
To give you an idea of how nasty, 
this was an Oops paint that was supposed to be tangerine.
(I'd call that a big Oops)
Every now and then, you could see the tangerine trying to break through
the deep three-day-old guacamole colour.

Here is the trim.

Wall with unpainted dado rail
Yes, I know it's sideways.
I'm really sorry about the glare from the flash.
I probably need to learn some interior photography techniques,
as that's a big part of this blog.
 The dado rail (chair rail) looked lovely in white, but too new.
So I slapped more nasty paint over it.

Here you can see the top of the bedhead that will be the back of the daybed
for lounging and opium and dalliance and absinthe.
 (Or whatever.)
There is also the corner of the 
picked-up-from-a-bonfire-pile mantel. 

The walls don't really look Victorian here, because you can actually SEE them.
No pictures, photos, knickknacks and gee-jaws.
But there will be, thanks mostly to all you 
wonderful vintage graphic and ephemera people,
without whom I wouldn't even have considered doing this.

Wallpaper and painted dado rail, together at last.

So, now this is up, 
Hubby is in there
with his nice new computer and desk 
 and he's very happy.

And now the big part of the room is done, 
I can start the fun stuff, collecting and assembling the 
 all the Victorian, Time-traveller's Steampunkery
I need to complete it.

But right now, I'm going to have a nice cup of tea.




  1. Yay now comes the fun part! Cant' wait to see more pictures of it all coming together as you start adding everything! :-)

    1. I have to admit, I'm glad this bit is done! And yes,. now it the reward for all that work. I just need to learn how to take better interior photographs!


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