Thursday, April 26, 2012

A game and a mystery.

If you don't play/don't like video games, you can skip to the second part.

Firstly, there's this.  
A new Steampunk game by Bethesda
called Dishonored
I can't find a release date, so if anyone knows one, let  me know.
I first found it here, on Dream Steam.
Trailer is here.

 It's gorgeous and very steamy, with beautiful graphics
but it is a 1st person shooter,
so you will see people being 
shot and stabbed and electrocuted and set on fire and ...
You get the general idea.

 Secondly, I found this.
If you like mysteries and discovery,
or museums and archaeology
you might be interested in 

 It starts innocently enough with the cataloging of
the contents of small locked case in the Smithsonian.

The case is full of strange objects, an assortment of letters and papers 
and they start to reveal a deeply disquietening tale.
Something is amiss and people have taken great pains to keep the facts of this a secret.

The objects revealed include a fearsome weapon and
some very disturbing biological specimens
and the accompanying letters suggest there is something 
deeply corrupt and sinister here.

Go and see for yourself.
but be warned.

(Not to interrupt the suspended disbelief, 
but the Steampunk items made for The Darkened Heart 
are just inspiring. I mean, I have a Brain in a Jar. Who doesn't?
But the creepy things in the bottles, the lovely old labels, it's all wonderful Go see!)


  1. thank you for the links ! The game looks great and the mistery... mmm I'm on my way !

    1. De rien! I hope you enjoy the mystery. It's really spooky!


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