Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eye Candy

There is no reason to post this, other than, well...

(This empty space here is because 
this particular piece of eye candy 
belongs to the Met 
and the Met won't share.
If you were wondering why 
my heart was so smitten, 
follow the link)

 I found him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  
 He's French and divine. 
This is not a modern retake on an antique photograph, 
Be still, my beating heart.
If you're looking for an image to put
in those vintage lockets
this could be the one.

Oh, and Hubby has pointed out, he looks like
Sean Maher (Dr Simon Tam)
from Firefly.Or Serenity

If you don't know who Simon Tam is
or you haven't seen Firefly, I can highly recommend it.
Popular culture buzz aside, it's not often you see television
that actually  knows how to tell a story.


  1. Oh...he is YUMMY!!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. The resemblance is uncanny!
    Thanks for the eye antique and modern candy!

  3. Hey there! Just finished adding the necessary ambiance to STT's looks for May.
    Thought you might like to see what things look like......

  4. Hello, dear Miss Rabbit:
    Hadn't heard from your sweet self in a while, so thought I'd pop by and wish you well. Hope things with your situation are settling down and easier to handle as of today.
    Also, we have a new Steampunk post up over at the Studio which we think you may appreciate.
    Do take care, dear.

    1. Oh! I dashed over to see it. It's wonderful. Hold on..let me flag it up here.

  5. My daughter loved Firefly so much she has a 2 y.o. named Malcolm and a 1 y.o. named Inara. I haven't been able to see it yet myself but I'll probably catch it later on Netflix.
    Love your blog BTW, reminds me of my own home.

  6. Well, thank you! your home sounds wonderful! As for Firefly, it was a real treat. It's like watching something very familiar (old Westerns, for instance, or Star Trek) and something very new. Best one-liners, too.


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