Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eye Candy

There is no reason to post this, other than, well...

(This empty space here is because 
this particular piece of eye candy 
belongs to the Met 
and the Met won't share.
If you were wondering why 
my heart was so smitten, 
follow the link)

 I found him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  
 He's French and divine. 
This is not a modern retake on an antique photograph, 
Be still, my beating heart.
If you're looking for an image to put
in those vintage lockets
this could be the one.

Oh, and Hubby has pointed out, he looks like
Sean Maher (Dr Simon Tam)
from Firefly.Or Serenity

If you don't know who Simon Tam is
or you haven't seen Firefly, I can highly recommend it.
Popular culture buzz aside, it's not often you see television
that actually  knows how to tell a story.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A game and a mystery.

If you don't play/don't like video games, you can skip to the second part.

Firstly, there's this.  
A new Steampunk game by Bethesda
called Dishonored
I can't find a release date, so if anyone knows one, let  me know.
I first found it here, on Dream Steam.
Trailer is here.

 It's gorgeous and very steamy, with beautiful graphics
but it is a 1st person shooter,
so you will see people being 
shot and stabbed and electrocuted and set on fire and ...
You get the general idea.

 Secondly, I found this.
If you like mysteries and discovery,
or museums and archaeology
you might be interested in 

 It starts innocently enough with the cataloging of
the contents of small locked case in the Smithsonian.

The case is full of strange objects, an assortment of letters and papers 
and they start to reveal a deeply disquietening tale.
Something is amiss and people have taken great pains to keep the facts of this a secret.

The objects revealed include a fearsome weapon and
some very disturbing biological specimens
and the accompanying letters suggest there is something 
deeply corrupt and sinister here.

Go and see for yourself.
but be warned.

(Not to interrupt the suspended disbelief, 
but the Steampunk items made for The Darkened Heart 
are just inspiring. I mean, I have a Brain in a Jar. Who doesn't?
But the creepy things in the bottles, the lovely old labels, it's all wonderful Go see!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Toys for your Difference Engine

So, you still don't have a Deviant Art account?
Shame on you.
Now, even if you don't have an account, 
it's worth going to DA and poking around.
(It's mostly not that deviant. No more deviant than Blogger)
Last week I found something really glorious
and free and steampunky. 
Here is a screenshot of my ..uh..screen

Yes, I know there's a lot of useless icons on there, but never mind those
See the wonderful Orrery? 
With a clock and a huge calendar  mounted in a bezel?
I found this on DA along with a lot of other Steampunk images.
in Dean Beedell's  amazing Gallery .

Steampunk CPU gauge Icon

He makes images to decorate your screen; 
so you can replace icons and
boring wallpaper
with lovely images featuring gauges and copper and glass.
The graphics are all crisp and inventive and, most of all,

Steampunk Zodiac Start-up Icon

 You can ditch your boring folders and thumbnails
 and put up exciting icons that 
make your screen instantly Steamed. 

Steampunk CPU/GPU thermometer

The wonderful widget works, 
it has a clock and a feature for making notes 
and I love it!
Find it, with helpful instructions, here.

It's even Earth Day appropriate, 
as you'll see when you read his

Thank you so much,. Dean Beedell
for permission for the feature 
and, if you want to make your screen less Microsoft 
and more Jules Verne,
go on over and see his wonderful stuff.

Back in January, I posted more Screen Toys,
a lovely free screensaver from Cogs
and a fancy Steampunk clock that chimes the hours
that I still might buy for Hubby's Steampunk Study.
(it's a lot cheaper than a chiming clock)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well, I didn't know this, but apparently Hubby officially took up residence in  his  
19th century, Time-traveler's, Steampunk, Gothic Vampire's Study yesterday, 
which was also Bram Stoker's Centenary.

It seems Mr Stoker's one hundredth anniversary of his death
 passed without a murmur,
but it was an auspicious day for us.

Now, where can I get  a red bustle gown and a quart of cheap absinthe?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ok, so...

The walls are painted and papered. 
I still have the picture rail and the cornice (crown molding?) to put up
 but the room is useable.

Wall with no dado rail

This is the wall, with the ugly wallpaper and the nasty green paint.
To give you an idea of how nasty, 
this was an Oops paint that was supposed to be tangerine.
(I'd call that a big Oops)
Every now and then, you could see the tangerine trying to break through
the deep three-day-old guacamole colour.

Here is the trim.

Wall with unpainted dado rail
Yes, I know it's sideways.
I'm really sorry about the glare from the flash.
I probably need to learn some interior photography techniques,
as that's a big part of this blog.
 The dado rail (chair rail) looked lovely in white, but too new.
So I slapped more nasty paint over it.

Here you can see the top of the bedhead that will be the back of the daybed
for lounging and opium and dalliance and absinthe.
 (Or whatever.)
There is also the corner of the 
picked-up-from-a-bonfire-pile mantel. 

The walls don't really look Victorian here, because you can actually SEE them.
No pictures, photos, knickknacks and gee-jaws.
But there will be, thanks mostly to all you 
wonderful vintage graphic and ephemera people,
without whom I wouldn't even have considered doing this.

Wallpaper and painted dado rail, together at last.

So, now this is up, 
Hubby is in there
with his nice new computer and desk 
 and he's very happy.

And now the big part of the room is done, 
I can start the fun stuff, collecting and assembling the 
 all the Victorian, Time-traveller's Steampunkery
I need to complete it.

But right now, I'm going to have a nice cup of tea.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Painting! And sawing stuff!

Yes! I'm in there, in the work clothes, 
sawing wood and slapping on paint! 
Nailing in screws and screwing in nails.
(You saw what I did there)
In theory, the 
Steampunk Sherlock Vampire Time-Travellers' Victorian-London Study
 should be occupied by tonight! 
Not finished, you'll note. 
Just occupied...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Wet Paint.

Yes, I am painting.
 Hubby has pointed to his new desk 
(Wal*Mart, not 19th century, but anyway...) 
and asked please, please could he move it into the room?
So I said, yes, if he doesn't mind me working around him.
So I'm slapping on nasty green paint as fast as I can,
so he can take up residence on Tuesday after work.

here are some links to some nice  Victorian wallpaper.

And, of course, William Morris

Rabbit! In red!

And, finally, the remarkable 

And yes, 
I'm very glad I picked up my faux lookalike 
from Big Lots
 for a dollar a roll.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Steampunk on Easter Sunday: Steampunk Bunnies.

Happy Easter!

 Images from The North End Loft.

Here are some Bunny Automaton
for your Easter viewing pleasure.

Rabbit in a Flower

Bakelite Bunny

 Inside the Automaton

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cute Victorian Giveaway.

Pop on over to the Charmed Victorian for this cute giveaway. 

Isn't it lovely? 

So what are you waiting for?