Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday : This was Mister Steambike

Well, this blog posted three times.
Thanks, Blogger!
So I removed one and kept this one
because Art By Wendy was kind
enough to comment on it.
To see the post all about
Mister Steambike.,
go here.

here is a pretty picture of some bunnies
from the Graphics Fairy.

I don't know what is happening here,
but it all looks very furtive...


  1. Love it! how creative!!! I'm always abandoning household chores for crafting projects! (and I'm always praying no one comes to my filthy house!) :O)

  2. I've stopped apologising for my house. The sofas are always clear and the kettle is clean for a cup of tea and that should be enough! You can drop around any time. I have struesel cake...

    Thank you for your sweet comment. He was such fun to make!


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