Friday, March 16, 2012

In this style 10/6

See this?

And this?

How about this?

Wonderful, yes? 

Gorgeous to display and fun to wear.

These are the creations of Tiny Top Hats
and they're having a competition where you can win a hat!
There will be two prizes given and you can read all about it, here.
You get to design a your very own Tiny Top Hat
and there are two ways to win.
Your hat design can be done in all kinds of media
and I thought it might appeal specially to those of you who 
enjoy altered art.

It might even poke a few of you into joining Deviant Art.
(It's really not that deviant.)
Pop on over to see the details of their competition 
and to their wonderful Etsy shop


  1. Hi I just added your great blog to my Bloglovin list so your are now on Bloglovin where all my blogs can come into one place and I get to read and like them and categorise them. All the best Julz of Gems By Julz


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