Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday : Mister Steambike

So, I was bored, you know?
 Done the laundry and cooked the goose.
 (Yes, a goose. It was nummy.)
I'd been sewing rabbits and went looking for
 my jar of roses and ribbons to trim them.
And I happened across this chap.

I'd bought hm from the Dollar Tree ages ago. 
I forget how much he cost...
Anyway, I thought he was sweet, but lacking something.
He had a rather jaunty trike and a top hat and splendid mustachios.
He was almost Steampunk!.
And so I abandoned the bunnies 
and set to with the glue gun 
and the cheap brassy gold paint.

First, the gluing. 

 Goggles, of course.

a chimney for the steam

a hopper for the coal and fancy cast iron scrolls.

Then, some gold paint. Rather a lot of gold paint. 
The thicker layers look nice and brassy.

and tie all the assorted plastic bits together.

I made sure the clockwork still moved. 
It didn't like all the paint and glue but
Mister Steambike still rolls.

He's not quite complete.
 I need to patina the harsh brassy finish 
and I hope to add a gauge and some tubing.

But well begun is half done, as Mary Poppins tells us.

Steampunk on Sunday : This was Mister Steambike

Well, this blog posted three times.
Thanks, Blogger!
So I removed one and kept this one
because Art By Wendy was kind
enough to comment on it.
To see the post all about
Mister Steambike.,
go here.

here is a pretty picture of some bunnies
from the Graphics Fairy.

I don't know what is happening here,
but it all looks very furtive...

Friday, March 16, 2012

In this style 10/6

See this?

And this?

How about this?

Wonderful, yes? 

Gorgeous to display and fun to wear.

These are the creations of Tiny Top Hats
and they're having a competition where you can win a hat!
There will be two prizes given and you can read all about it, here.
You get to design a your very own Tiny Top Hat
and there are two ways to win.
Your hat design can be done in all kinds of media
and I thought it might appeal specially to those of you who 
enjoy altered art.

It might even poke a few of you into joining Deviant Art.
(It's really not that deviant.)
Pop on over to see the details of their competition 
and to their wonderful Etsy shop

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Everything looks better Steampunked.

First this, because it's amazing.
This was a Nerf gun.

I know! Is't it just! See more here.
I found this in Deviant Art and it was made by
 the brilliant Vanbangerburger
I've seen lots of Nerf gun make-overs, 
especially the Nerf Maverick,
but this one stands out.
Look at the gauges! Look at the colours!

No Nerf? No problem
See how a water pistol 
(that's a water gun to you)
was turned from this

into this.

See more here at Ahem .
There's also instructions
on how to Steampunk your man.

Because everything looks better Steampunked.