Sunday, February 26, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday :The Motherlode

So, I'm creating this study for hubby, right? 
You're read the blog title, you have a general idea what this is about, yes?
Today, I discovered that there are at least three 
 recreations of Sherlock's rooms in 221b Baker Street.

One in London at 221b Baker Street 

and two 
in Switzerland, one near the Riechenbach  Falls 
(They need to beef up their web presence. They don't seem to have a website. Shocking!)

and another, to which Conan Doyle contributed.

Real  environments people can walk around, full of authentic Victorian furniture 

and genuine 19th century scientific paraphernalia.
You'd have thought I'd would have found these earlier...

Anyway, seeing these images I'm happy that I made the decision 
to buy the ghastly green oops paint
for the area below the dado (chair) rail.
It fits in just right with all these other rooms I've seen, 
and now I can be a little more confident that 
smearing a wall with paint 
the colour of two-day-old guacamole 
wasn't in poor taste.
I'll be posting pictures, soon. 
After I've washed this nasty stuff off my hands.



  1. Replies
    1. Lols! The paint really does match one of the greens in the wallpaper, but my nerve nearly failed when I began rolling it onto the wall...


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