Sunday, February 5, 2012

Steamounk on Sunday: Ugly Wallpaper and Pretty Jewellery

I'm here but briefly, to celebrate my having completed the wallpapering. 
Just one more piece to go.  
And, yes, the paper is ugly, being dark and faintly sinister and purple, green 
and that most threatening of colours, maroon.
But for a dollar a roll, it was perfect. It looks the right age, fussy and overdone.
 It looks vaguely hand blocked.
And the design is forgiving enough to hide issues on the walls.

Talking of walls, here is the kind of room I'm going for.
 Please note, however, Hubby does not have ginger mustachios...

The Awakening Conscience : Holman Hunt
Holman Hunt actually intended the room to be ghastly
A soulless place full of tasteless new furnishings; the  nasty shiny piano,
the gaudy wall hangings and the brash carpet.
Now, I just want to know where I can find that gorgeous round table.
And I wonder if I can make a feature wall with grapes and roses.
How tastes change.

This week's Steampunk on Sunday featured artist is Wendy
who makes some lovely Steampunk jewellery 

and some highly covetable Steampunk notebooks.

Please pop on over to her blog and her Etsy shop.
Valentine's Day is coming 
and you know you want to get that special someone 
something that shows you care


  1. love the wallpaper..i do not think it's ugly at all!
    the jewelry ..gorgeous..
    the notebook...COVET!!!

    1. The notebook is just wonderful, isn't it? As for the wallpaper, I love it to bits, but I have to admit, I can see why no one else bought it! I mean, if you weren't going to put it into a Victorian study, where else would it go?

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  3. Thank yopu so much for featuring me in your blog!!! I'm so honored! I had to write this twice because of my terrible spelling! I love your new wallpaper! old gloomy rooms are so romantic!

    1. My pleasure! I've been a follower of yours and I thought it was about time you were featured. The jewellery is wonderful and the books, wow!

      Yes, I realise it's a privilege for me to have a whole room to play about with. I'm very lucky! I don't get homesick for England, but I do miss old things and making this room has helped a lot.

      Spelling. Meh... I'm an English teacher and I can't spell.
      Whoever invented spelchek deserves a Knighthood.

  4. I hope you are going to show us a picture of this room one day:)

  5. Hi again! I popped over to tell you that I gave you the Liebster award! you can get it from my blog and the instructions are there as well! :O)

    1. Ohh! Thank you! This sounds really cool. Do I get a button?


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