Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Wire Chair

Dr Algernon Crupper writes:-

 This is a little trick a gentleman or enterprising lady 
could perform to delight their guest on a long train journey 
or distract nervous servants during a bumpy zeppelin ride.

It does require you to open a bottle of champagne first.

A person of breeding should know
how to open a bottle of champagne, 
should there be no Sommelier to hand.

Possibly not a Gentleman.


A champagne bottle is to be treated with
the same respect as a loaded gun. 

Do not point it at timid persons or fragile objects...

Take the bottle in your dominant hand
and  place a flute glass ready on the table.

Carefully, remove the foil.

Open the wire cage at the loop and ease it off over the cork.

Firmly grasp the cork with one hand and then, 
this is important, 
twist the bottle, not the cork.
The carbon dioxide under pressure within the bottle
will force the cork out with a refined pop.

My advice is to practise, practise. 

Now we have the items to make our  miniature chair.

To construct the chair is simplicity itself.

I'm sure you will have some kind of small implemented about you; 
pliers, pen knife, Cordwainer's Universal Apparatus?

Remove the bottom wire from the four extended 'legs' of the cork cage. 

Twist the loose wire into a pleasing loop or heart shape.

Replace the metal lid into its original housing in the cage, 
forming the seat of the chair.

Twist the loop into place, creating the back of the chair.

Place delicately on the table, to universal admiration.

I trust my small tutorials will be of use and my lawyer insists that I remind you,
no blame can be laid at my door for injuries due to any circumstance.

Gases under pressure are very powerful forces of nature
and we mess with them at our peril.

Wire can be rather sharp
and persons of low intellect and gentle habits should not attempt
any of these tasks without an informed and resolute adult in attendance.

Your very  humble servant

Dr Algernon Crupper.


  1. I had some of these little chairs that my dad made for me but he made them from the tops of some other type of bottle??? Hmmmm....I'll think on it:)

    1. oooh! Please let us know more! Do you know what kind of bottle tops they were?

  2. oh..how fabulous!!
    my son is a bartender..I'll have to show him this...something to "amuse" his customers!!

    1. That's very sweet of you, Ann, dear.

      He'll have endless supply of champagne corks! There are other designs out there; a chairback with a loop is most popular, but I did this one for Valentine's, so I made a heart.

  3. I loved the start of the post with how to uncork a champagne bottle and the accompanying pictures, really made me smile. Then the tutorial for making the chair was brilliant, I've never seen that before.

    Now I just have to go out and buy some champagne. Oh what a shame. ;-)

    1. Well, thank you! What a sweet comment! And, oh yes, you really should buy some champagne. To practise with, you know?

  4. "treat like a loaded gun"! You are a very funny bunny indeed! xoDebi!
    Follow this trick with the tongue tied cherry stem! wink, wink!


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