Sunday, January 15, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday : A Steampunk Heart.

Oh, I'm excited to bring you this week's feature! 

A polymer clay artist whose creations I've admired for a while on Deviant Art.
 This bird was one of the earliest things I favourited on DA.
 I was delighted by its perky pose
and the balance between the charm of its shape,
the steampunky finish and the incongruity of its formidable weaponry... 

Gunther-Ready To Fire.

 is a talented artist 
and hardworking and witty and kind.
 Her art embraces two broad themes.
 Delightful miniature cakes and candies made into jewellery. 

Licorice Allsorts! LOOK at the detail!

Minty Goodness!

And exquisite, detailed animals and
offal of steampunky inspiration.

Yes, I said offal.
Just look at these hearts!

with stitches reminiscent of that most
steampunky of surgeons,
Dr Frankenstein.

A darkly romantic heart, 
with a rose and barbed wire.

When you turn it over, a little hatch reveals its workings. 
Magical and gorgeous.

The hearts and cuff-links are all available on Kimberley's Etsy Shop

But wait, there's more.
 The internet is all about information 
and anyone who contributes to that in a meaningful way is an 
Angel of the Internet.

Kimberley puts out some of the most interesting 
and informative tutorials on polymer clay that I've seen.
Want to make fluffy icing for tiny cakes?

Want to use a new material, like liquid polymer clay,
she'll hold your hand and talk you through the possibilities.

Want to, (get this!) add SCENT to polymer clay?
(I've got your attention now, haven't I?)

Monster Kookies has a blog, a facebook,website, a DA gallery 
and an Etsy shop, all of which are filled with good things.
She's also a good soul, Monster Kookies raised $819
Living in a tornado region, I applaud her effort.

But back to the birds, as these drew me first to her work.

Ra, the Mechanical Birdie

Leberecht, the Mechanical Birdie

Barnaby, the Mechanical Bunneh!

And tentacles!

there's lots to see, over in Kimberley's blog or her DA and,
 more to the point, 
the ideal heart for your Valentine in her Etsy

Like this one

Did you see the attention to detail?
The centres of the flowers are tiny-weeny screws!


  1. omg!!!
    i'm speechless!!
    covet these!!!
    gotta go check her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing this awesome artist!!

    1. My pleasure! It's such gorgeous stuff. I love her tutorials, too. I might even go back and do some polymer clay.

  2. What great pieces. Thanks so much for posting.

  3. I love it all...thanks for the links:)

    I found something today...Steampunk pillows.....

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann! Aren't the something? And thank you for flagging up the Steampunk cushions!

  4. AMAZING the details she's added to each thing you've displayed here. I had occasion at on epoint to journeythru the world of polymer clay and found it fun yet daunting at times. I applaud anyone so focussed.
    Steamily pleasing, eh wot?
    (adjusting monocle)

  5. Wow! What absolutley creative works. I cannot believe what can be done with polymore clay. Those hearts and fabulous and I love the creepy little adorable bunny. ;-)

  6. I have been watching Kimberley for awhile now on DA. I didn't know she had a blot too! Of gorse I love Barnaby! But I have a few of her birds and hearts in my favorites too. :heart: Lol I think she may have gotten a daily deviations for her stuff, but I'm not sure. :)


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