Sunday, January 29, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Municipal Darwinism

But first, before the heavy stuff, please pop in over to
 for some lovely Steampunk images.
There are some very useful cogs and gears 

Just the kind of fabulous machines you'd find in 

(us flying rabbits should stick together)
asked me what I thought was a good Steampunk book to read 
and I have to admit, if I wanted a good Steampunk book 
I'd start here,

Adult Cover

Now admittedly, Mortal Engines doesn't have a Victorian theme.

It's set in a dystopian future, after the Sixty Minute War.
The great cities of the world are mounted on huge wheels  
and rumble over the ruined world, 
scavenging and salvaging smaller settlements,
 recycling their resources and enslaving their people.
Hence Municipal Darwinism, with the great cities being the top predator.

Cool, right?

In this dark world is Tom, a daydreamer with romantic aspirations.
He rapidly loses his first love, his hero and his home, in the space of about five minutes; 
flung out into the derelict empty world that exists beneath the vast wheels of the traveling cities.

Yes, it has Steampunk tropes. Machines, steam, villains,
mechanical soldiers, engineers and airships.
But, more than that it has a driving story, original characters and a bitter-sweetness 
that is found only in the best children's fiction.

Like Harry Potter, the books in the Mortal Engines Quartet
(Or in the USA,  The Hungry City Chronicles)
are published in covers for both adults and children.
I'd give you twenty minutes of why I think it's important 
for adults to read good children's fiction, 
but the best reason is that the good stuff is good for everyone, not just kids.

Children's Cover
If you can FIND a copy, I recommend it. 

And if you can't find a copy,
apparently there's going to be a film. 


  1. Thanks for posting a link to my blog. There is much more steampunk goodness if you just scroll down to the label "steampunk" and click on it. Lots more digital images as well as artwork I have created.

    1. Thank you, Valerie! I'll go have a look and post some info up here, too.

  2. I work at a library so I'm going to see if we can get those books! They sound excelent!:O)

  3. I hope you find some. I lost my copy (long story) and had to buy this new one on eBay from the UK.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I am definitely going to read those books! I am glad I could inspire you!

    Shannon (the other flying rabbit!)


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