Sunday, January 1, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday: Happy New Year.!

And in keeping with the theme of the New Year, I've been looking at clocks and time. 
Time-travel is a central theme of Steampunk,
 as it allows for the delights of anachronism, alternative histories 
and all the fun that goes with wearing the wrong skirts in the wrong era.
  See this excerpt from The Time Machine and ladies' fashion.

To go with the Time Machine, you need a clock. A good, reliable clock. 
I went on a search for a clock-type screensaver and I found some gems.
 See this one, which sounds like a solidly-built timepiece, 
with a deep, brassy chime on the hour. 
It would be perfect for the computer in the Steampunk Study.

The screensaver is from   
They also make a gorgeous Steampunk.themed clock screensaver 
with its own little engineer gnome, who pops out to check on things and stoke the boiler.

These are both lovely, but they're not free.
 I'm considering buying one for the Steampunk Study, just for the lovely chimes.
 If  I can't have an antique grandfather or mantel clock, I could have the soundtrack, right?

In the end, I went for a free clock screensaver, from a wonderful game called 'Cogs'.
It's a puzzle game, with cogs, (obviously) and steam and brassy pipes. 
There's a free demo, which I found very absorbing, 
and if you're looking for a Steampunk game, 
this is a gentler option than, say, Bioshock Infinite. Or Fallout 3.
There's the free downloadable screensaver of a 
It's silent, but it keeps good time and I actually used it to usher in the New Year.

Hubby likes it so much he  asked for it to be on his computer, too.


  1. how cool!!
    thanks for all the info!!
    i'd love one for a screensaver..i'm going to check these out!!
    happy 2012!!!

  2. Well, thank you! Yes, the Cogs one is pretty and free. It's just a shame its silent.

  3. That Cogs game looks addicting...LOL

  4. That last screensaver is really quite elegantly beautiful, even silent.
    I guess I like them all, but prefer it the best. And I hadn't had occasion to view the old film you've shared an outtake from in such a long time, I recall nothing but the machine or the star. Wonderfully imaginative stuff, eh wot?
    (adjusting imaginary monocle)

  5. Awesomely fun stuff....Love the time machine and take on ladies' fashion....I found myself engrossed and wishing it would go on....guess I'm going to have to scout that out and watch it in its entirety.....Wishing you a wonderfully magic new year my friend....Smiles & Timeless Hugs ~ Robin


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