Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steampunk on Sunday and the End of the World

Steampunk on Sunday is postponed due to the tornado inclement  weather. I'm having a Tornado Martini, on the grounds that it calms my nerves and it may be the last martini  I ever have, whereupon it needs to be a good one, with three olives. You, whoever you are, need to keep your weather radio and wind-up torches handy and be ready to take to the shelter.

On a side note, wind -up radios and torches (For our American friends, that's a flashlight, not a stick with fire on the end) are SO Steampunk. Someone needs to mod one with cogs and lots of brass.

Please, wherever you are, be careful, and be safe. Tornadoes are funny, unless you're actually in one. Then they're Wrath of God.

(Monday. Everything is ok. A bit of hail and some gusty wind here. We were lucky and I feel for anyone who is caught in one of these things. Take the weather seriously and take best care of you and yours)


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