Monday, January 9, 2012

Steampunk on Monday: Disappointment

Well, I WAS going to do a rave review of a book
for my Steampunk on Sunday.
 I even bought the book, new.
But I have to admit, so far, I am profoundly unimpressed.

The book in question?
That darling of steampunkers everywhere,

Trite and silly and vapid and a zeppelin-sized disappointment. 
It was written to a dreadful formula of Romantic Novel Heroine
 (She's plain, but in a good way! She's spunky! 
She answers people back! Gasp!)
meats (heh heh..meets...) tame werewolves and cookie cutter vampires. 
The heroine is supposed to be English with Italian parentage,
 but she's quite clearly American 
and, while I applaud a writer who dives into her material, 
I'm less enthusiastic about a writer who seems to have done very little research
 apart from the odd BBC historical drama.

There was clearly a checklist of every steampunk cliche. 

Airship (check)
Goggles (check)
Redundant technology (check)
cogs (check)
Bustles. What is it about bustles? 


I'll finish it.
 I hate not finishing a book, 
and if my opinion changes I shall come back and say so.
If you really want to try it, it's here at Amazon.

I suppose there is a difference between the novels that created the Steampunk genre, 
which were challenging and original and exciting, 
and novels  which are designed for steampunkers; 
(people in goggles and top hats and bustles. like me)

Hubby says, if I feel this way, why don't I write my own?

He might have a point.

Love and hot tea to you all.


  1. I'm glad I came across your revie, I was actually trying to find the name of that book so I could get it! What is a really good first steampunk novel for me to read?

    1. Thank you for asking! I've been giving your question deep and serious thought, and it might get a blog post all of its own. (Soulless was a good name for the book. I finished it, but I felt like I'd eaten a bowl of Coolwhip, rather than something sustaining like a hot toasted crumpet)


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