Saturday, December 3, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday: I Saw Three Airships Come Sailing In...

Chime the First

(this is a work in progress...)

Yes indeed. Christmas is coming, whether you've been good or not  And here to help you, with but THREE FREAKIN" WEEKS to go, is Rhissanna with her helpful hints and tips on what to get your  batman, your parlour maid and your rear gunner for Christmas.

Cue a Christmas Song

Ah, I hear you say, no one in my social circle is at all interested in steam, top hats or monocles.

Upright Gentleman from Plush Possum Studio

I quite understand, but trust me, my dear adventurers, 
there is an inherent charm and worthiness in all things steamed.

Plastic does not acquire a patina. Digital delights need batteries
Vinyl will flake and screens will crack.

But  brass and leather, paper and glass,
these are materials that reward our senses,
 that improve with age and care
and have an inherent worthiness.
Read on.

It's a problem finding steampunk goodies for Christmas, but then,
 it's hard finding the ideal present for anyone..
And like true adventurers, we're racing the clock..

I'm starting with  my go-to favourite gift.
The Pocket Watch

Pricey?  Not so.

I buy all my watches from Ebay. 
In fact, type in Steampunk Pocket Watch
and you'll get pages of watches
for absurd prices,
 Some will be mechanical

To put that into context for
some of you young whippersnappers, 
that mean the watch needs to be wound.
 By hand.
It means the ticking you can hear is the
 beating of its little clockwork heart.

Think of it as a temporal tamagotchi.

Most of the mechanical watches have a window 
so you can see it working.
All those happy cogs, tick tick tick!
Now tell me, who wouldn't want one of those?

(Gentle reader, this is a work in progress, 
Watch this space for more hints and tips for the festive season
And, if you are a seller of steampunky goodness 
or can recommend something,
 Link it to Steam Tea Travels. from noon 4th December.
Details of the Linky Party here at Plush Possum Studio)


  1. Those are some seriously cool watches. I've always had a weakness for pocket watches - and the fine gentlemen who choose to carry them.... ;o) Looking forward to your tips and hints - I'm in panic mode and can use all the help I can get! Happy Sunday my fine Rabbit! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I am fairly drooling over the pictures you've posted here! Especially the last one. It's a real beauty!
    Thank You so much for joining forces with me, dear Rhissanna. You've livened up my world tremendously with your fun take on creativity.

  3. Pocket watches are the coolest. The tunes reminded me of The Who.



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