Monday, December 5, 2011

It's not Halloween...

 I hope you've been good! 

I'm not making this up. 

Krampus is a companion to Saint Nicholas,
and while dear Saint Nick is handing out
dolls and toy trains and comfits to good children,
Krampus is walloping the bad ones with his bundle of sticks,
 before shoving them in a sack and carrying them off.

In between abducting and beating the mischievous,
 he also has a weakness for teasing pretty girls
In some villages, men will dress up as Krampus
to catcall and pester comely young women!

The very thought!!. 

So, anyone else bothered by St Nick  here? Is he concerned? A voyeur?
Making a list and checking it?
Bwhahahahahahahah.... *coughs*  

Wow, The evil laugh thing is hard....

This is the photograph I was looking for.
 It looks evil and like the child is a victim of some sect
and should be placed in care at once.
However, we know better, don't we, boys and girls?
The lolling tongues and the bundles of switches, give them away.

Those are some guys dressed up as Krampus
and the kid's about to get some toys and sweets.

No, really. He is.


  1. have my attention!!!

  2. ok..went and looked it up!!!
    never knew of him...think he's a great idea!!!~keep those kids in line!!!!! LOL

  3. You have endeared yourself to me my dear even more - another who knows of Krampus....Yea!!! :o) Robin

  4. Creepy, spooky and weird!
    This is all new stuff for this Possum! Never saw anything like these images. I believe if I had as a child, there'd be emotional scarring!

  5. I recall reading about this somewhere before...but yes, a little known myth to most people, I'm sure!! Very spooky, indeed! And to think some children are afraid of Santa Claus! lol

  6. What a dastardly fellow! I have seen a music video during a blog party last week and it was the first time I'd ever heard of Krampus. Creepy indeed. ;-)


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