Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday and the Wallpaper Film

What, you may well ask, is a wallpaper film?

A Wallpaper Film,. in my household, is a film that you love, but you don't actually have to watch. 
You have it on in the background  because it keeps you company. 
Or because you and your heart's desire  (ie, Hubby) are doing separate things but you'd like to feel you're having a shared experience.  
Or because you're doing something that requires your attention, but you  want to be entertained. 
 In other words, visual, aural wallpaper.
I'd imagine you're familiar with the concept, even if you haven't given it a name

Now, why would you need a Wallpaper Film? 
Because you have to be wrapping presents and writing cards, that's why.
In fact, you feel guilty about sitting here reading this blog.
because you're supposed to be adding glitter and spraying
glue and stuffing mittens with polyester fibre.

I have a lot of Wallpaper Films and a fair number of those film are Steampunk. 
and  some are Steampunk and Christmassy

La Cité des enfants perdus, or The City of Lost Children
is my favourite and possibly the best expression of Steampunk in a film, 
without actually mentioning any steam. 
It is weird, disturbing and
probably more scary for adults than children.
Apart from the scene with the eye...
. Or the opening with the scary Santas.
Or the fleas with the brainwashing poison.

Maybe it's not suitable for children?

Well, how about something a little more family friendly?
How about 
Howl's Moving Castle?

(Sorry about the wierd script. Blogger hates s it if you cut and post.)

This appealing film is from the same source as
 the wonderful Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.
I'll not give away the plot and the trailer tells you what you need to know.

Incidently, the book is also wonderful, but very different to the film.
The title is actually a play on names.
 Howl (spelled Hywel but pronounced 'howl') 
is a frequent boys' name in Wales 
and a portion of the book is actually spent in contemporary Wales, 
with Howl's exasperated family.
It's really worth a read if you're looking for books
 for ages 9 to about 

Howl also has the nicest bedroom in any film, ever.

Maybe you're not into fairy tales.
Maybe you like things a little gritty?

Cute but gritty?

I always had a crush on Edward Scissorhands.
(A different kind of Team Edward)

Right from the opening, with the cookies and the snow
 and the wonderful machines making them.
. I used to show this film to classes as an example of a 
Creation Myth.

How is it a creation Myth?
Edward makes it snow...

Here is the wonderfully absurd cookie making machine
(Which is, oddly enough, what I am doing right now!)

 More recently, there's been the new and steamy Sherlock franchise

(I haven't seen the new one, so don't tell me what happens!)
It's steampunked enough and I'm happy with the intetrpretation.
Conan Doyle wrote about Holmes as an unstable man of action and Watson as a war hero;
it's about time that aspect of them was made apparent.

For the flavour of an exciting alternative world, 
and Mr Downey's fluid acting 
and the genius of Holmes the man,
 here is the Irene Adler scene with Sherlock on her trail in disguise.

If you can suggest any Steampunk films, I'd be grateful.
And I wish you a Merry Christmas 
as you wrap presents to Wallpaper Films of your own.

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  1. i love Edward Scissorhands!! took my kids to see it when it first came ou!!


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