Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday: Noble Studios Ltd

Violette Noble, at Noble Studios was my introduction to blogging. I didn't even know blogs existed, except as a way to keep track of family events and for the single minded to rant on their own issues in public privacy. But I found Noble Studio's Steampunk inspired jewellery and that led me to blogging and, here I am. 

 I was entranced by Violette's carefully wrought pieces, by her imaginative approach and by her generosity of spirit. She was one of my first followers, you see, when there wasn't really anything of me  to follow. 

Here, let me show you what she makes.

Isn't it divine? Very wearable and different and eye-catching

Here's another

Vintage and patinated and quite lovely.

Not inclined to wear brooches? How about a pendant?

All these lovely gems are from her Etsy shop, where she sells all kinds of good things and wraps them all up prettily.  An interesting idea for the coming season, no?

There's not just the lovely jewellery on her blog.  There's hats, too!

For Gentlemen and Ladies.

She also posts free tutorials. For these absolutely sumptuous items.

Aren't they gorgeous? Don't you just want to pick them up and examine them?

Violette has three very full and detailed tutorials on using resin. She not only explains it fully, but makes you feel that you could do it, too.
 Working with Resin Parts I  II and III

Please pop along over to her blog and take a stroll around her Etsy shop. Both are full of good things from a very sweet person.


  1. *swooning*
    I absolutely love her work!
    Thank You for sharing this artist's fine quality pretties here for your Steampunk Sunday.
    Wonderful fun!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I am on my way to visit.

  3. breathtakingly beautiful!!!!
    thanks so much for sharing this artist!!
    I'm on my way to visit her blog..and etsy!!!

  4. Fun, fun, stuff....Think a visit to this fine lady is in order.... ;o) Happy Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing the imaginative and highly wearable creations that she makes. I love every single piece!

  6. There's message waiting for you in comments at the Rooster post at PPS.
    Thought you 'd like t o hear of it!

  7. Thank you, Miss Possum. The nursery rhyme is pretty well know in the UK so it wasn't such a bit leap of erudition. Do you have any more nursery rhyme images like that? Rabbit hopes so!

  8. WOW Rhissana! I am truly honored to be featured on your lovely blog! Thank you all for all your sweet comments! You've all made my day!
    Faithfully yours,
    Violette Noble

    Noble Studios Ltd.

  9. ps....just about cracked up at your line....I'm trying to find that perfect piece of furniture before you paint it white...HILARIOUS and you know "us" too well!

    btw you are GORGEOUS!!

    Love Violette

    1. Lol! My pleasure, Violette. I think yours was the first steampunk jewellery I ever saw and I still love it. I might even try out some resin, your tutorial is inspiring and helpful.

      As for the white furniture comment, yes, I love a lot of crafting blogs but I sometimes see the ideal piece of old furniture, patinated and carved and full of character, and then have to sit and watch while someone covers it in paint and then (ironically...)distresses the paint! I just want to know where they get them from! I have a shopping list!

      Oh! Gorgeous? *blushes furiously* Thank you!


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