Sunday, November 6, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday : The Mechanical Secretary

Or, if you will, the modded computer.

Now, before you settle down;  the Airship Viola is ready to take you on a daring voyage to Paris. Set your clocks back to the 19 th century, put on your hat and  goggles and  head over to Steam Tea Travels  brought to you by those wonderful marsupials at Plush Possum Studios.  Bring your links with you, for tea recipes, cake and cookies, your steampunk art and artefacts and your pretty Victorian and  Frenchified objet d'arts. It will be here all week, before departing for other shores.

Now, if your home is all sleek and Ikea, like, say, the Cullens' (and what self-respecting vampire shops at Ikea, I ask...) a modern PC will look fine. A modern, stylish mac would look even better. 

Remember these? I always thought they were so CUTE!

 I've probably just alienated my target audience, haven't I?

However, ( she says, carrying on with fortitude,)  if you have a desire for things past, a weakness for decoration, the Pre-Raphaelites or costume drama, you may find the average home computer a bit of an eyesore. A lumpy, greige eyesore that looks out of place on your polished desk. If you like warm colours, flourishes and acanthus leaves or are a proper, (non-glittery) vampire, you'll find modern computer design a bit lacking in, well, design.

Perhaps you'd  like something more like this...

I thought maybe you'd like that. Now, these are all modded computers, which means you can't waltz into Target or John Lewis and buy one. These are made by Steampunk enthusiasts and artisans the world over. I'm going to show just a few here, and ask you why Apple and Dell don't get on board and offer their products in polished burr walnut cases with ormolu decoration.

I'm beginning with the amazing  Datamancer. otherwise known as Richard "Doc' Nagy.  He makes extraordinarily beautiful objects from bog-standard laptops and keyboards. Like this

Looks like a wonderful music box, right? A key, those cogs, all that shiny brass in a pretty wooden shadowbox. And when you open it, it look like this.

I know! Beautiful isn't it? It look like it has function and capability. Bold and solid. What it doesn't look like is yet another boring laptop. A big thank you to Dee at A Lapin Life for 
putting me onto the video of this laptop, which you can see in action here.

There's more from Datamancer.

This looks like a book full of maps and secrets and wonder.
 Open it, and it's a scanner. See?  Gorgeous. No grey plastic in sight.

Datamancer offers basic parts on his website, so please pop over and have a look.
where he's featuring a serious giveaway. Have a peek at his  facebook page, too.

 I hope to be featuring Datamancer in his own Steampunk on Sunday, as he has a wide range of modded treasures, but for now, here some other extraordinary machines from artisans around the world.

From the Steampunk Workshop we have this modded monitor. made by Jake Von Slatt

 The dressing-table looking glass would seem to be the inspiration for this charming object. It pivots between two gas lamp arms and stands firm on its marbled base. The maker's trick for marbling might interest one or two of you.

And please note, the keyboard.. Here is his walkthrough on how he changed this

into THIS!

Please, pop over and see The Steampunk Workshop. Right now he's featuring a Dalek Dress. I didn't linger long to look at it. I'm TERRIFIED of Daleks and have been since I was four.

I'm a little scared of this, too. This is the glorious Telecalculograph Mk II, also known as Damnation, was made by Jake (of all trades) Hildebrant,  to celebrate the release of the Steampunk Western game, Damnation.

 Here's the front. Just look at those gauges!

Now, I'm in the mood for a spot of tea and I'm sure you'd like to join me. So, get yourself over and join us all for the Steampunk, Victorian Linky Extravaganza at Steam Tea Travels


  1. Gorgeous objets d'art! Love the way you've presented everything. Can't wait to see what else is in store as I follow your links at leisure later on this week.
    And Thanks Awfully for joining in this enterprise, O grand and awesome Rabbit!

  2. Amazing...You just made me hate my pc. Off to "look around"....will be back for that spot of tea....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I didn't know such things existed. Thank you for the tea.

  4. WOW !!!!!
    i've signed to follow you.
    i must see more!!

  5. Love those computers - so fun!

  6. Wow, these are all awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. all this stuff is just so cool!!!! How wonderful!!

  8. I'm soooo behind on the whole Steampunk thing.... must get my ass back in the loop......


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