Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Crescent Hotel: It's not just for ghosts.

So, for Hubby's birthday, we went to stay at the famous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. Yes, that Hotel. It's had a prime time mention on the front of Yahoo twice this year, as well as its famous television appearances, so I was expecting it to be fully booked the night after Halloween,

Not so..

We arrived after a lovely drive through the Ozarks in all their Autumnal colours.  I'm not going to wax poetical here, just saying if you ever get the chance to do that, I think you should.  It's very lovely.

The Crescent is a spa hotel in the original sense of the word; a resort based around a natural spring with healing properties. The reason put forward that  the Crescent is so haunted is that a 'Doctor'  Baker bought up the hotel and put it about that he could cure cancer, using the waters and his own engineered machines. Creepy machines.

Of course, he had a lot of business, but not much in the way of cures.  The rumours are that he disposed of  the bodies of his less successful patients to hide his failure rate. 

I know. Gruesome, right?

Either way, Dr Baker didn't mess around much with the inside of the hotel, so far as we could see. It still looks like a 19th century hotel, with a wonderfully well used reception desk, all painted in black and all still functioning.

We were booked in by Ryan, who was  also perfectly wonderful and helpful. He said it was fine for me to put up his photo here, bless him, and that he might swing by and take a look.

I'd come here to crib ideas for my crib (see what I did there?) and I have to admit, I loved the deep red colouring, the stenciled motif on the walls and the highly decorated frieze. That's an idea I'm probably going to steal. The frieze area in the Study is painted a deep plummy red, but it's a little dull by itself. So, a painted, repeated design on the frieze may be the way to go,  if I don't put up a text.

The fireplace in the lobby was a joy, a little large for my purposes. but still gorgeous for all that. 

So, where's the Steam, I hear you cry! The lovely machines for the entertainment of Ladies and Gentlemen of All Classes!

How about this lovely Seeburh H Orchestrion?

I heard her play. She's a sweetheart

And this organ, which I didn't see in action.

And, down in the chapel there is a Gavioli.  A real Gavioli Steam Organ!. I didn't go and see it.. I've saved that until next time. But here's a picture to tease you with.  

So, did I see any ghosts?

I took lots of photos of the corridors. Nothing but bad photographs but that's what I expected. I  also took a picture of the lovely bedhead, because Hubby liked it so much.

 And when I got the picture home I found this anomaly. See it?

 My camera doesn't do that..It's not a light from outside as it was daylight and the room had pretty dark blackout curtains. I don't know what it is, but I'm adding it to the pile of weird pictures from The Crescent Hotel.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your hubby!!! Muwwwwaaaa!!!! Love the ghost adventure effect!!! Creepy cool!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. A ghostly companion ready for his photo op!
    Very cool pics, my dear! Love that headboard. And your lobby is really a gem of a spot. I can see why you chose it as your inspiration room.
    As for the Gavioli, I'n not heard of them before, and am now quite keen on the idea that you should see about allowing us in a little closer! It's so ornate and gorgeously ugly in a Victorian sort of way!!! Thrilling!

  3. Thank you, Rose and Robin. A Gavioli is a steam organ. You get them at fairs and you usually get something similar but smaller on a proper fairground carousel. Whenever I see one, I burst into tears and clasp my hands and grin like an idiot. Hubby's very understanding. He hands me a hanky. Let me add a link...

  4. Would they have them at Brighton beach pier?

    P.s. You might want to check our email, dear......

  5. Stumbled across your blog via google! Love love it so far, and hello from somewhere in AR! I'm from the deep southern part of the state so I don't know where you are. But I had to comment and say, I heard that second organ and it's simply beautiful! We were all standing around talking about it after having read the plaque and the owner came over and turned it on for us! I'll have to see if I can find the clip I took and put it on youtube if you're interested.

    Eeep! Sorry for the novel!


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