Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Box

So, Hubby's Birthday Card?

Well, I'm still working on the box, 
I have my phial graphics from  wonderful Miss Possum at Plush Possum Studio and I have the basic concept from the amazing Polish The Stars
And I have my box.

Cue photo of the box.

I got mine from Hobby Lobby with their 40% off coupon . Dear me, how lovely those little coupons are. 
And I bought it on-line, as that is how I shop.

It was a very nice box. One of three similar, graduated in size. But it was a bit shiny new. 
I was looking at ways to make it look old. 
Old and well used, with a shellac-type finish that was heavily patinated.
Like this, in fact

Better, right? Or, at least, better suited to a vampire-killing kit. How did I do it? 
I had a tin of Minwax Gel Stain in antique maple, which I bought at a dollar store. I'd never heard of Minwax and wasn't sure about the colour but I thought a tin of wood stain for a dollar was a pretty good deal. I've stored it for about five years so it was rather lumpy on opening.
 I also bought (same dollar store) a book called Glue Gun Decor. which had the very handy tip of using 
Kiwi shoe polish on wood, instead of paint. Yes, really. In fact, you can see it here, where I painted the scuffed surface of a chest of drawers with shoe polish. Behind the Steampunk ray gun...

So, this box is patinated with two rubbed layers of the gel stain, 
and then a rubbed layer of black liquid shoe polish. Like this.

 I'm now sealing and spray varnishing it before finishing the inside.

When the box has its mouth open you can see how orange the gel stain was 
before darkening it with a layer of shoe polish. Not attractive at all  

I can recommend this method, if you ever need an antiqued wooden surface. It's relatively quick and, if you already have the supplies, pretty cheap. Wear gloves, though. Gel stain is a bugger to wash off your hands.



  1. Oh....this is going to be all KINDS of good!!! Create on you guru of all things cool! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Oh, see? Now I'm seriously blushing! Dear Miss Robin the Crow, you are too kind. What a sweet thing for you to say. Never you fear, I will post each stage here, (that rhymes) and hope no one remembers the project is now running eleven days late.

    And counting...

  3. Thank You, Miss Rabbit for crediting this Possum again--I can hardly wait to see the final product in all its antique-like glory! Your wood finish is ideal, and the hardware on the box takes it way over the top--I love how you antiqued it, too! eleven days, eleven shmays--who cares? He'll love the finished product, and know you really put your heart into it for him. That's what matters, after all.

  4. This is a wonderful idea and these days, who doesn't need a vampire-killing kit? Have a wonderful week.

  5.'s going to be marvelous!!! i can hardly wait to see more!!


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