Monday, November 28, 2011

Bloggers are such nice people

And how do I know?
 I won two (count them, two) giveaways!

I know!

I'm as amazed and astonished as you are! Possibly even more so...

I won these stamps from the wonderful and talented Lynn at

and this dress, from the amazing and gifted Kristen

So, how's your day been?
 Mine's been just peachy, thank you.
Even in a house with no water!

Thank you everyone who made this possible 
and congratulations to the other winners.



  1. WOW! The stamps are adorable and the dress is gorgeous!


    I hope you now have water.

  2. congratulations to you, dear rabbit! I do hope this will turn out to have been your continual trend for the good, as in, water in plentiful supply, and with no hauling required!
    Take care, dear!


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