Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday : Professor Tursiart.

 Professor Tursiart, the designer of weapons and accouterments useful to the intrepid adventurer, was one of my earliest encounters with Steampunk as a craft. 
I knew the term from literature ( The Difference Engine, or Mortal Engines) and I was intrigued by the idea on the page. Who wouldn't be? The glamour of the Victorians and the potential of their inventions and industry, with reality tilted slightly to give us interplanetary airships, tunnels beneath the Atlantic and cities that walk..

 However, I hadn't realised this was a genre I could pick up and hold in my hand. 
People were making things!
 Crafting their own items to fit a Victorian industrial aesthetic and make this fantasy world manifest.

And what gorgeous things they were. Tops hats for ladies, at a jaunty angle!



The inspiration for my own humble Steampunk Pistol came from  these weapons, purportedly by the esteemed Professor Tursiart, and found here on Deviant Art. 

Look at the shapes, and the patinated finishes and the colours! Wonderful toys for grown up games.

The crafter of these items is an absolute sweetheart, too,. How do I know? She drew me this!

A Flying Steampunk Bunny!
How cool is that?

So please, pop over to her site at DA. She has some lovely art wort, too (There's a cute picture of Poe and the Raven,) and you can see more at her Etsy, shop. 


  1. Amazing imagination and creativity....When did I grow up??? Love the steampunk bunny!! Happy, happy, hauntings!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Oh! Oh! How perfect! She created ear holes so Bunny might fly wearing her Steampunked aviator's helmet!
    Not big on guns (more into gadgetry like time machines), but I admire her craftsmanship. Lovely post! Sorry I missed it that first day!
    Yrs rspctfully


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