Sunday, October 9, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday: Plush Possum Studio

I'm going to try to clarify what Steampunk is.  *Takes a deep breath*

 It's essentially an eclectic mix of what-might-have-been if the engineering marvels of the Victorian age, Tesla and Babbage'Difference Engine had all worked together to produce an era of over-the-top design, dressed in spats and bustles and flying to the Moon in a Zeppelin.  Oh, with some alchemy and supernatural thrown in.  For fun.  Fun is the essence of this style.  It's causing ripples in the mainstream world, elements are sneaking into fashion and film; with brass and brown leather, feathers and fascinators. Got it?

Every Sunday I'm going to showcase an artist or artisan who does exemplary Steampunk work and I'm beginning with this entirely wonderful blog,

 Plush Possum produce quirky, witty graphics, using original images and then gives them away.

for free!

There are practical items, like party invitations,  the Steampunk Lady's Mask and even cupcake sleeves , all ready to download and use from the blog.
     For scrapbookers, altered art and such there's a plethora of images you can download and play with happily all afternoon..The pictures embrace a whole range of subjects, carefully checked for copyright and cleaned up. A lot of images are offered in the original foxed and faded condition, as well as sparkly clean B&W.  

 There's Original Victorian newspaper ads and postcards,  all kinds of valuable ephemera  it would take a long and weary search to accumulate.  I've just put up a taster of their content here; the images are all available for print and digi in big, juicy 300dpi or more over at their blog.  Drive the dirigible over there to see the full, glorious range. Guaranteed pure, accept no substitute.

 Plush Possums Studio is run by Rose and her friends and she's a warm and wonderful person, helpful and supportive.  Please,  take a trip over to visit. There's lots of Halloween-y pleasures, too.

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  1. First of all, you've blown us away here with your kind enthusiasm.
    We'd love to make this a link party, and would like to discuss it with you further.
    Please watch your email!
    I'm on my way there now!


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