Saturday, October 15, 2011

Steampunk on Sunday : Diarment

Rafa Maya  aka. Diarment, is a Steampunk artist with an astonishing imagination and an amazing talent. First, I will show you the astonishing imagination. Because something amazing is happening here...

(Note: It's about to get graphic heavy, so please bear with me)


 Exotic Weapons
Gas Masks

Exquisite, right? Beautiful patinated surfaces and strong original design. And cardboard.  Not metal. Cardboard. That's right. These gorgeous objects are skillfully made and painted and finished from cardboard. You scrolled up to take another look, didn't you? Now they're even more amazing, right?

Close up of the amazing finish. Look at the detail!

Diarment lives and works in Barcelona,  Spain, which goes to show just how international Steampunk  is.

 His work is edgy, without being ugly, with intriguing sculptural designs that hold to his unique personal style.  Diarment's development of simple, universally available media should be an inspiration to us all, no matter what creative field we work in, to fully explore the range of the materials at hand.

Fabulous Notebooks

His notebooks are usually available on Etsy. Of all his items, these are the ones I most enjoy. They suggest journals written on Zeppelin flights to Venus or accounts of exotic submarine cities. Like the best of Steampunk artefacts, they make the world of the imagination palpably real.

See more of his marvelous objects  his blog  or on Deviant Art .

 I'd like to say a big thank you to Diament for his consent to flag up his amazing talent here on Gaslight and Gilt. If you go over to see more of his work, and it's well worth it, please say Hi and that Rhissanna sent you.


  1. CARDBOARD????????
    Astonishing talent! Marvelous design concepts!!!!! Wish I could see each article in person, as these are truly amazing. I'm gob-smacked by his talent, and completely bowled over by the depth of his commitment to make each article shine as a true work of art.
    Simply smashing, dear Rabbit!
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to pop round his place over breakfast.

  2. Very cool looking stuff! Rafa Maya-Diament has wonderful talent.



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