Saturday, October 1, 2011


The original idea for the room came during my first Arkansas ice storm. When I came here from the UK, I really thought the South was peach pie and iced tea all year round. I didn't even bring a decent warm coat. So, shivering through that first ice storm, with no heat or light, made me wonder if the small back room could be made cosy and warm with an just an oil lamp and a thick sweater. Hubby and I could snuggle up and drink hot tea and I'd read aloud to him. Cute, right?

And it needed to look old, because I miss things that are old. And I wanted it to be guy-friendly, so not parlour and  boudoir, but more study/ gentlemen's club. With a bit of steampunk thrown in, for fun. I didn't need it to be architecturally authentic, as this house isn't Victorian. It's barely Clinton.

So, here are some of my  inspiration pictures

I have a version of almost everything in this picture! Everything but the tribal figure with the salver.  Maybe I should do a copycat vignette?

Richard, over at My Old Historic House had the inspired idea of making a day bed from a twin bed and two headboards.  I'd thought about doing it, but until I saw his pictures, I wasn't sure how  it would work.  His looks wonderful and he fitted into an even tinier space than my back room.

Now I'm determined to give it a try. I have a king sized headboard, with an arch and bergere work, and that's going to be the back of the daybed.

Headboard in question. Ethan Allen?

I'm not sure about the sides/arms. Maybe I'll just have a heap of tapestry pillows, for swooning and lounging.  After seeing Sherlock Holmes, I'm seriously considering painting it gold. See?

You are still looking at the headboard, right?


  1. Looks like some one is either in a lot of trouble or about to have a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by,Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. Heh! Thanks for the comment, Richard!

  3. Ummmm....okay...headboard. Uh-huh. Oh, yes. I do see a headboard there, lurking somewhere near the back of the photograph........LOL
    I really enjoyed our humor in this post. And I must say, the "barely Clinton" has me chuckling still!
    Here in the American West, almost none of our architecture is interesting enough to be called classic or refined. It's all either box-like, dull, or otherwise utilitarian in style. Not including historic older homes which most of us are in no position to buy, let alone restore to proper condition.
    I love Steampunk. That whole genre speaks to me of old world taste with a dash of sly humor, wit, and technical skill. Some of the more playful and yet inspired works I've come across in recent years have been in that genre.
    I applaud your efforts to re-create your own space till it pleases mind and body!
    And I'll be sure to follow any progress you may share with your readers here.
    And thanks so much for stopping by over at the Studio and leaving your fun comment!


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