Saturday, October 22, 2011

Insert Mummy Pun Here

Look, I've seen all kinds of cool stuff in your blogs. Clever and funny and just plain jaw-droppingly brilliant. Into that last catergory comes this post from Crafty Mommy and Me . You want a mummy? A full sized, authentic Egyptian  mummy? For, you know, cheap? With stuff you mostly have already in your kitchen in the Third Drawer Down?   ( Yes, I know I've linked this  before. Parent Alert: It's a cute song and very funny, but he says the rude word that rhymes with 'grit'.) So, do you want one of these?

Unidentified Mummy. Cairo.  A little sad no one knows who she was.
Of course you do. I think a spare Egyptian Mummy in the corner might be perfect for the Study. It's going to be a little Halloween in there all year round, anyway.. 

So, this mummy...

Do you want it LIFESIZED?  And realistic! And easy to move and cheap?

Like this?

Right. I thought so. So, hop on over to  Crafty Mommy and Me and see the details.
 I've used this technique to make doll patterns and I know it can be used to make fitted  medieval dress patterns, but this, this is genius on a stick. Go see!


  1. I love Egyptian style anything, so this one really tickles me.
    Love the idea of it being homemade "from scratch" with things we have in the kitchen.
    Hope it's a splendid Saturday for you!!
    Hugs with hushpuppies

  2. Oh so, so, loving this!! I see duct tape in my future! ;o) Thanks for sharing!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. hi there and so happy to meet you! tried to become a follower but it did not open so i will try again : ) my degree is in art and i have always been in love with the Egyptian culture...truly amazing! thanks for sharing -- this is fab! Flowers were from Michaels but if you send me your mailing address -- i will pop some in the mail to you...would love to do that for you! : ) you give your doggies a HUGE hug from all of us here!!!!andrea -- family and doxies (heaven and earth) my email: -- just pop the addy over!!! : )


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